Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We have had a week of beautiful weather here in central PA.
This is giving me a chance to work on outdoor projects.

First on the list.... the playhouse.

Yesterday I put a coat of primer on it.
(turning it white from top to bottom)
Today I start to paint....
no,  not chartreuse and purple.
Close....but, you will just have to wait until it's done to see.
I have added some fancy millwork
to make it look a bit more "gingerbready".
Hopefully it will be finished to show you on Monday.
Friday it gets moved to its permanent location.

I also wanted to update you on our local neighborhood black bear.
Ever since this trap was delivered to our neighbor's yard,
we have had no further visits from Mr. Bear.
That is, until last night.
Once again the dogs started barking around 10 PM.
Hubbs went to the window, and there was Mr. Bear,
back up on our front deck....looking for food.
He lumbered down the steps and across the front yard into the darkness
A photo yielded just that....darkness.

Later this morning I will head over to the neighbors' house to see if
he ended up taking the jelly donut bait inside this trap.

And one last piece of news....

We are under seige.
Yes, it is spring warfare time again.
Warfare with the carpenter bees.

Living in a home made of wood means that carpenter bees
are definitely an unwanted pest!

They're busily buzzing....and burrowing their way into the wood,
both around the house and also at the barn.

This calls for the heavy artillery....
the Haitian fly swatter!

You might remember that Hubbs and I went to Haiti last spring
on a medical mission.
Needless to say, the operating rooms there were nothing like ours
here in the states.
There, there were open windows and bugs flying in and out.
So, we armed ourselves with these rackets to kill the flies.
You see, the handle is filled with batteries.
The face of the racket delivers an electrical charge to anything
that touches it.
So, when an insect is hit by the racket...

It's fried.

So, look out, carpenter bees......
it's war!!


  1. I have never seen a bear trap before. I thought it was some kind of oil tank or something! Hope it works.

    Have you been having the HOT temps we are having in Indiana? It's like August out there! Now I'm hoping for rain. All those new plants I put out, not to mention the strawberries need a good drink.

  2. Insects are suposed to be very bad
    this year...I hope your home doesn't look like origami any time soon.

  3. Can't wait to see the playhouse!

    I want a Haitian bug zapper!!

  4. Is there a place to buy one of those flykillers in the states? I think I could put that to good use. Good luck with the bees!

  5. Carpenter Bees started about a week ago here in our part of PA. They are so stupid!! But, hate them none the less.

  6. Hi Bev! We also had trouble with Carpenter bees and here is a link to a product that sure helped us.
    Hope it will help you guys too. Your place is just gorgeous.

  7. We have a couple of these and love them-great for deck sitting!! Don't like killing as a rule-but gotta admit love the sound of those darn critters frying!!

  8. Hi Bev,
    I had a play house when I was little and still have wonderful memories of those times. I am sure Tyler will have a fantastic time also.
    Sorry to hear about the bee issue. I told Bunny about it and she has emailed you the name of a product that really worked for them. Hope it also helps you!!!
    Hope the bear story is over..what a nuisance. The wake up of the dogs barking can put you on the
    Never a dull moment in our country life is
    Take care..Judi B.

  9. Thank goodness I am NOT a carpenter bee...cuz, I think you mean business! lol!

  10. Sounds like you have all kinds of wildlife issues going on--bears and bees! Good luck with those.

  11. A bear on your porch?!!! That is crazy, wait til those strawberries get growing..he'll move in! ;D


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