Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Is It Raining Where You Are???

This year has me believing that we are in the middle of a climate shift.
It has rained more this spring than any that I can remember.
The farm is starting to feel like a rain forest.

The road that flanks our upper land looks like this...

moist and misty, lush and thickly green.
This is my favorite road in all the world.
Walking down this road is like walking down the aisle of
a magnificent, ancient cathedral....
reverently beautiful and serene.

All this rain mixed with occasional sun has made our hay field thick and long.
Unfortunately, though, it is way too wet to cut and bale the hay.
And so it continues to grow and grow and grow!

With all of this rain, the kids stay indoors....
wishing they could go out to play.

How big our babies have grown in two months and less.
We are preparing ourselves for the upcoming goodbyes.
They will soon be weaned and then will travel to their new homes.
It will be sad to see them go, but they don't stay little forever,
and we have had the best of those days!

The cutest little family is O'Malley's.
They are a close knit group...

and all stick together in the smallest of houses...
O'Malley, her doeling from last year...Sally,
 and the twins born this spring.

Oh, how we hate to see the twins leave!
This spring's babies have been so much fun,
and so sugary sweet!
Just like human babies, though,
they grow up and leave...
eventually having families of their own.


  1. It's been just as rainy in Connecticut.. we are worried about losing some of our vegetable crop!...

    oh, those baby goats!... just adorable.

  2. I have started a new garden, now don't laugh, and it's true, a moss garden. So much of the lawn has turned to moss! Now I am trying to figure out what to do with all the rice! Lol!

  3. Rain is all we have had for weeks. It is getting me really behind on my flower beds. I had hoped to have it all divided up by now. Oh well. Maybe soon. hope you enjoy the moment. I'm trying. Lisa

  4. Rain here in Roanoke too, but to be honest we really enjoy it. Would much rather see a lush green lawn than the dry ones of summer.

    Those kids/goats ARE growing fast. Must be fun to watch their progress.


  5. Send that rain south. We are in a drought. Only 3 inches this YEAR! They are forcasting some this week but we are praying and thankful for every drop we get.

  6. I was glad to see the rain this week in Indiana because we had a spell of dry weather and had just planted everything. I don't like using the hose at all! But now we are doing OK, with gentle rain to soak everything in.

    I just love your road with the trees. It looks like a scene from a book that you want to live in. Does that make sense?

  7. Wonderful woodland, lucky you! The kids sure have grown...where does all the time rainy days I guess!
    I so enjoyed my rainy day reading! Thanks.

  8. Guess What, we are "suppose" to have two whole days of no rain and seventy! I'm in shock, we have had so many days of rain since last Fall. I'm water logged! Those baby goats are so cute!! Wished a couple were coming my way but the city probably won't let me have them.

  9. I am used to rain being from the Pacific NW but this year has been our worst ever.

    I would have a terrible time giving away those babies. I'd probably keep them. Maybe that's why I don't have a farm.

  10. The goats are so cute and the roadway there is beautiful. I sure hope you don't loose this crop of hay. We have more snow this much for global warming! ;D

  11. Yup...everything is plush and green...We have to pray for a short "dry enough to mow" spell...It's definitely fungus and mold weather..gotta love the temperatures though..

  12. It sounds like you are having the kind of year we had last year--rain almost every day. Made it impossible to get anything done. Hope you get a dry spell to make hay.

  13. I would hate to give up those twins. So cute. We have had lots of rain. I think some of my green beans have rotted. Going to replant in bare spots today. Blessings!

  14. Rain is starting to be a 4 letter word just like snow did back a few months ago! lol It rained here all day yesterday. Some parts of West Virginia are under a flash flood warning right now over all of this rain. I do hope that this Summer we don't get into another drought like we did last year and the year before.

    I'd hate to see the babies leave too! That is one reason why I don't have animals. I wouldn't be able to give them up!

    Have a Great Day!

  15. Beautiful pictures. We havent had a full day without rain for over a week and a half! It's difficult to work in the garden with all this rain. The weeds are growing larger than the seedlings! :-)

    Great blog. I'm looking forward to following.

  16. Nope not raining here and hasn't in quite awhile. The clouds have a threat (actually a promise at this point) of rain and we keep hoping for a good steady downpour soon. Our pastures are brown not the usual pretty spring green.


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