Tuesday, May 17, 2011


There's quite a hullaballoo around the farm these days.

You see.....
Fifi and her pals have started to spend their afternoons
on the lawn of the French quarter....
picnicking, gossiping and sunning themselves.
(That's Fifi....third from the right. And she is flanked by Babette, Cheri, Adele,
Amalie, and Collette....only a mother can tell them apart!)

is just a little bit more than the Frat Pack can stand.

At any given moment you will hear wolf whistles,
as the Roos strut their stuff to impress the gals!

I am afraid this bunch of French tarts is a little on the wild side...
staying out until all hours of the night...
playing their music so loudly the neighbors can hardly sleep!

The funny thing is...
Henri refuses to venture out of doors with the girls.
He prefers to stay indoors and read.
Perhaps the neighboring fraternity is a bit overwhelming for him.
They are, afterall, a bunch of raucous jocks,
while Henri is truly an intellectual.

He'll have to venture outside sometime...
and when he does,
well, that should be interesting!

In case you are new to my blog, the Frat Pack is a group of 6 Ameraucana roosters,
while the French Quarter is home to 24 Cuckoo Maran pullets,
and one fancy white, top-hatted rooster
(all of whom are just 6 weeks old.)


  1. You are quite entertaining this morning.. quite the imagination...
    You should write a childrens book about the antics on your farm!
    Have a wonderful day...

  2. Great story...

    You just have your own little commune up there..I was telling someone about your turkeys the other day..Do they have names???

  3. Actually, they do. When we first got our turkey poults, Hubbs wanted to call them Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. After growing to love them, and not being able to eat them....their names are now Tom, Chuck, and Edith!

  4. They certainly do like the young ladies! I don't blame Henri for being a bit nervous with all those other guys around.

  5. LOL... a childrens book, yes!.. and how about a pic of Henry.. he looked like a polish as a chick,no?

  6. Awesome story! LOL You're coming up on that 8-wk-old threat. What is your regimen for Cocci diversion?? My first round with the first flock of girls was so terrifying, enough that I cringe at the thought of bringing home more birds.

  7. I feed medicated chick starter...it has a preventative for coccidiosis. So far I have not had any problems with this. I have my chicks vaccinated for Marek's disease, but not for Coccidiosis. The feed seems to take care of that.


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