Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Straight Poop (Chicken Poop, That Is)

I received a few questions about my new chicks.
Which led me to do a little research.
So, I thought I would share it with you...
just in case you wondered.

It is, after all, chick season,
and I reckon more than just a couple of you have decided to keep
a backyard flock of hens.

If you are still on the fence...
well, get off the fence and get to your local farm/feed store.
Most likely you can pick up a few chicks there.
If you still need convincing....feel free to email me!

Should I have my chicks vaccinated?
There are two types of vaccinations that chicks can be given.
A vaccine for Marek's disease, (I have mine vaccinated for this)
and one for Coccidiosis. (I do not have mine vaccinated for this)

Medicated vs. Non-medicated feed???
Medicated feed is a prevention for coccidiosis.
If you have your chicks vaccinated for this disease, do not
feed medicated it will render the vaccinations useless.
Otherwise, use medicated feed to prevent coccidiosis.
It is perfectly fine to feed medicated feed if your chicks were vaccinated for Marek's.

Can I raise my chicks with ducklings, etc?
Yes, they can be raised together, but you will need to use non-medicated feed.
Medicated feed is a health threat to ducks, etc.
So I would suggest that if you are planning on raising chicks and ducklings
together, you might want to get chicks that were vaccinated against coccidiosis.

I will tell you, though, that I have had all sorts of chicks over the years...
vaccinated, non-vaccinated
and luckily have not had to deal with any of these diseases.

This year I have decided to not let anything to chance.

So, this year all my little (24) French Cuckoo Marans got Marek's vaccinations.

As for Henry,

yes, he looks like he just might have a little puff ball on his head.
Perhaps a silkie, perhaps a Polish crested....
who knows....
only time will tell!

Ooooh  la la!

And of course, no post is complete without an update on the baby goats.
Yesterday was quite a rainy, cold day,
so the new twins spent the day in the nursery, bonding with their Mommy.

Today if it warms up,
they will have their first outing.
(More pictures and video tomorrow.)

Oh, and yesterday's rain was definitely a Spring rain.
How do I know???
Here is the evidence, right in the middle of the driveway...

It's piggy-back season!!!
[Wink, wink]


  1. thanks for the important info... and

    ..I'm not gonna go there :-)

  2. Cute post. I can't wait to have chickens when we finally get out to the country. Your post is very informative and I will keep this one for future use. Have a great day. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  3. Thanks for the info Bev,
    I didn't know that there was a vaccination for Coccidiosis. I wonder if it has to be given right after hatching like Marek's? Time to do a google search!
    I also feed minced garlic and pumpkin seeds for worms 2x a month and put ACV in their water in the summer when I am using the plastic waterers.

  4. Oh my goodness the kids are so adorable-and the toads are such a sure sign of spring! I'm dreamin' of toads right now!!

  5. "Piggy back season" ?? So that's what they call it now..

  6. Great post. Thanks for the chicks tips, I need all the help I can get. I didn't know they needed shots. I am still working on the coop and the chicks should be in next week so I can chose some cuties. I would like to have three that are really different colors but may just have to take what they have. No one really carries a lot.
    Love that frog pic!

  7. OMW!! I busted out laughing when I saw that last picture and read the description! Piggy-back season!! You are a hoot Bev!

    ~ Tracy

  8. That first baby chick is so cute..they are so worth it, I love mine too. That last pic sure made me laugh! ;D

  9. Oh Bev.....I will be following you closely with how to raise these little chicks of mine! Scary, scary ;)!

    Loving all your french hens and little guy! What a flock you have!

    Love ya and miss you!

  10. PS

    Bev are you going to be making anymore aprons such as a Henhouse Pinny? xox

  11. Lots of great info. I hope the weather turns nice so those kids can go out and play! Certainly got a chuckle out of your last picture.

  12. I have to tell ya I fell off my chair cracking up over the Spring Rain Frogs in the middle of the road.. To funny



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