Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fresh Veggies

the first taste of summer has arrived on our plates.

A bit early this year,
our asparagus is coming up like crazy.
Each day another few shoots break through the soil and
work their way towards the sun.

Unfortunately for them, their climb toward warmth and light
is cut short.

And so they end up on our dinner plate!
Yummy, tender, juicy, sweet spears that 
are loaded with vitamins....
so different from that which you buy in the store.
Those spears have been picked and packed and shipped...
using gallons of fuel, only to arrive at the store with half the taste
and even less of the nutritional value.

You just can't beat eating something within moments of being picked.

If you have never considered planting asparagus crowns,
you might want to think about it.
The process is simple.
Plant the root,
and it will grow.
Let it gain strength the first year...don't eat.
The second year you can eat half and leave half.
The third year you can eat your fill.
Aside from keeping the bed weeded and mulched,
there is little care to be done.

Easy peasy....and so, so delicious!!

While I was picking our dinner's worth of veggies,
this loaf was doing its second rise (called proofing)...

It is a multi grain loaf that is loaded with whole wheat bulgar, oat groats,
sunflower seeds, and chia seeds.

Do you use chia seeds?

Yes, chia seeds are what are in those "Chia Pets" that are popular Christmas gag gifts.
Amazingly, chia seeds are very high in anti oxidants and a great additive to baked
goods for an extra nutritional boost.
You might want to consider buying some Chia seeds at your local health food store.
You can sprinkle them on your cereal, on your PBJ, in your baked goods...
just about anywhere!
Last evening I found Hubbs with a fork and his vinegar and oil
standing beside the salad table.

He can hardly wait for these little shoots to get just a bit bigger...
then fresh organic greens will accompany our meals.
I love spring and summer...
it gives us the chance to truly reduce our carbon footprint,
and quite nutritiously, I might add!


  1. Great post!... I love spring and summer too for the same reasons... It feels really good to be getting "back to the land", although we here at This Old House don't do it as completely as some.

    I'd love the bread recipe if you have time to post it.

  2. I finally planted the rhubarb that I had in pots for two years, the next plan is to get some Asparagus started so I can have my own fresh stuff in a few years! I bought two more rhubarb plants this year, they need a little more time before they can go outside, but it won't be 2 years, especially since I have the ground ready just need to let the temps get warmer.

  3. Unfortunately, folks at my house don't like asparagus enough to eat it more than once or twice a year.
    Your bread looks perfect! Could you post a recipe? Pretty please!

  4. I would die and go to heaven for some of that fresh asparagus....lucky you!! Guess I should plant some, but I think the voles would get it. Darn.

    You have my mouth watering with all those lovely salad goodies coming up.

  5. I second on the bread recipe!


  6. I had the first "mess" of green beans from my garden last night...yes! That's what we call it down here....a mess of green beans, collards, etc. They were TASTY!

  7. I wish I had the room..I love fresh salad....

  8. We've been on our little farm for 35 years and just planted asparagus a few years ago. We had tried several times and it never took. But we are so enjoying it. I laughed about your description of your husband hovering over the lettuce. We get that way about green beans and tomatoes. Isn't it great to eat out of the garden?

  9. We're enjoying our asparagus bed this year. I'm visiting your blog from Verde Farms. We have many things in common- horses, organic food, and farm life. I'm following you. Please stop by and take a look at my blog when you get a chance.
    Have a good weekend!

  10. we are going to grow asparagus this year...just had some today. that bread looks super good!!

  11. I love fresh from the garden and that is my favorite. So for your bread, do you just make your regular bread and put lots of things added into it like that? It looks wonderful :D


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