Thursday, April 14, 2011

April is rainy season in central PA.
If you want to visit us,
I usually suggest that you don't come to see us in April.
April is dreary, damp, mucky, muddy.
Every year I think of changing our name
from Bee Haven Acres
Soggy Bottom Farm
for the month of April.

The springhouse beneath the old log cabin is overflowing, 

 feeding the already swollen pond.

The Littles, who don't seem to mind the rain,

are filthy and bedraggled.

The dry lot...not dry, but rather soupy.

The goats come out just long enough to eat, then 
retreat to their dry houses.
Mud, mud everywhere!

Even Rod looks a little weary of this weather.
All of the chicken yards are a mucky mess.

The hens don't seem to mind, though.
Rainy days bring worms to the surface,
providing a smorgasbord of delectable treats.

Even Bobby seeks shelter in the gator
and prefers to catch a ride back to the barn....

Where Ella Bella has spent her day,
warm and cozy under her heat lamp.....

content to primp and preen.

How about it mucky where you are???
Are you staying inside primping?
Or are you outside slogging through with you very own soggy bottom?


  1. Nice and dry today, but 90 % chance of rain and severe storms in the forecast for tomorrow. Hope it doesn't get too bad...

  2. A liitle bit of preening but cleaning instead..playing with the mowers today.

  3. We're in the Arizona desert, so not much rain to speak of. Love to see pictures of it though.

  4. Love the photos, I'm just dreaming of rains like that! We are in a drought and we usually look like your rainy day photos. At least the ducks are happy!

    I love your blog, I am suburban so can't have goats but I am a guerilla chicken raiser! LOL

  5. Ughhhhhh...........I know EXACTLY how you feel. I enjoyed my visit here....stop over and vist my farm...{wear your muck boots}

  6. I just laughed and laughed looking at the photos of Ella Bella! I think that cat is spoil rotten! She has a life of ease and comfort. I'm still laughing! You should submit that photo to one of those cute animal photo sites. At least it isn't raining today and the sun is trying to shine and it's 57 out. I'm looking for warmer days so I can power wash our screened in porch and deck. Have a lovely day Bev!

  7. It rained again yesterday but it's sunny today...yea! Lawn is getting long but it's too damp to mow yet. Hope it warms up...too cold here, still freezing.

  8. How I wish I was wherever you are! I haven't seen rain around my parts in over half a year. Seriously...not a drop. We've been having severe fires around the area too. Could really use some of your rain right about now!

  9. We don't have the mud but we get snow still. I just love your animals and farm..very wonderful! ;D

  10. Hi, I recently found your blog and visit it every's become one of my favourite stops. We have had wonderful weather where I'm at, which is good because I have alot of yardwork. However, I'm beginning to get sick of raking and clearing out last winter's debris and am actually hoping for a rainy day so that I can actually get some work done inside.


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