Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Adventures of Tom, Chuck, and Edith

Oh, the fun of free-ranging turkeys!
Tom, Chuck, and Edith are getting bolder each day...
venturing farther and farther from their house.

Each afternoon, around 3, I open the door to their yard and
allow them to roam the farm for the rest of the evening.

They show up in the darnedest places.
What we are learning, though, is that they seem to enjoy
human company and invariably end up close to wherever we may be.

Two evenings ago they visited Becky in her garage.

Yesterday afternoon, they accompanied me as I cleaned horse manure
from one of the goat yards.

As you can see, they have no fear of the dogs, and vice versa.
Edith spends her time looking for bugs.

Tom and Chuck continue the same behaviors that they practice
in their yard.... male posturing, designed to impress Edith....

She is obviously unimpressed, and would rather turn her attentions
towards insects!

Then last evening, as I was weeding the strawberry patch,
look who showed up to keep me company.....

All three of them, TomTom (one of the barn kitties) and
Sam and Oakley hung out with me until dusk.

Then we herded the turkeys back to their house like a parade...
me in the lead calling to them,
Hubbs following the turkeys,
and three guineas following Hubbs, squawking.
What a sight that must have been.

The beauty of living in the country is:
that no matter how ridiculous you are,
no one witnesses it.

And no post is complete without the cute baby/baby goat picture of the day!

"Hi, Jane.  Can I have some of your food?"

Can you believe how quickly my world turned green?
All we needed was a few sunny days after all that rain.

I sure hope it's sunny and green wherever you are, too!


  1. It's turned green here too.. just loving it.. even with todays rain, my spirits soar with all the greenery and SMELL of the earth outside. The men turkeys are behaving like typical men while the woman takes care of

  2. Thanks for the funny post. I always say to myself that I'm glad I live in the country because if people would hear me sing to my critters they'd put me far away in a mental home. I sing, joke, and make poetry up with them..... Crazy huh?

  3. Good Morning Bev! LOL yes it's a good thing we live in the country as I'm sure people would get a good chuckle at some of the sights they'd see here on the farm. Heaven forbid! That's so cute that your turkeys like to be where people are...I didn't realize they were so social. LOVE the photo's of your Grandson with the baby goats...they're both precious! It's green here although we sure could use more rain ..and that may just happen today but our temperatures have sure been cool for Kansas. It looks as though things will start warming up the weatherman says and he's been known to be wrong. I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!
    Maura :)

  4. A perfect day for everyone. Love the baby/baby goat pics. He's one lucky boy to be around all G'ma and G'pa's animals. He'll remember it for a lifetime.

  5. I would have loved to have seen that parade..You all have way too much fun sprinkled with a lot of work as well..The Toms have turned in to beautiful birds...

  6. I don't supose that the turkeys are cozying up to you so they don't make it to your Thanksgiving table????

  7. It has turned green here much so that my lawn is as long as hay! Haven't been able to mow so it will be a real chore when I can get it done! I think it is wonderful that we get to act silly around our animals 'here in the country' 'cause I do it all the time!

  8. Those turkeys are really beautiful. The animals all look like buddies too. It's not green here yet.

  9. Those turkeys are funny. Cute kids!


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