Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just Us Kids

Myrtle and babies are doing just great.

Still pretty tired from their journey...

Getting more curious....

Even a little more independent....

Oh so lovable and cuddly!

The babies are spending these first few days in the 
maternity ward.
The temperatures here are still very cold.
In a couple of days they will venture outside to play with Bert.

Tyler had a little meet and greet with the new triplets.
Is there anything more precious than babies with babies?

"Hey Grammie, this goat is kissing me!"

Myrtle's little girl seems to be his favorite.

Bert was as curious about Tyler as Tyler was about Bert.

Thank goodness Tyler's mama doesn't mind him getting a bit dirty!

Please let me know if you are getting tired of baby goat pictures!!
(Wink, Wink)


  1. No, I'm not getting tired of baby goat pictures. Isn't that what spring is all about. The little girl goat is the just cutest!! Well, they are all sweet but the is something about her.

  2. OH, I am SO in love. Hypothetically... how much would you be asking for Bert and the new girl baby, and what could I tell my husband would be the benefit of two goats on the farm? I had a goat growing up, I know their wonderful pet potential, which is all I'm interested in. But what can I tell the man? Help me!!!

  3. You can keep posting the pictures of ALL the babies!!

  4. Those photos are adorable.

  5. They have the cutest little heads..and makings..love the pictures! ;D

  6. I dont think I could ever get tired of baby goat pictures. It is great that your grandson can get dirty and play with the animals. Heck, that is what soap was made for. Goat soap of course.;)

  7. Oh, please,please keep the pictures coming! They are my morning delight with coffee! I so wish I could sit in the pen and have little kisses! Hugs, June

  8. How can anyone get tired of goat babies?

  9. Oh Bev, I never get tired of any of your animal photos. I love seeing the baby goats. They are all so adorable. And so is your grandson...he is so cute. One of my fond memories as a teenager is going to a county fair in OH and getting to milk a goat. I was thrilled. Sun is shining today but we have four days of rain coming (ugh) but I know the plants and grass will love all that rain. Have a wonderful day!

  10. I LOVE BABIES!!!! Baby-goats, baby-tyler, baby-plants, Aunt Becky-baby-deliverer, Beehaven-Maven-baby-picturer! I love it all!

  11. Never tire of the little goaties..too darn cute

  12. No!! Never! We had pygmy goats many years ago. Baby goats are the most sweetest little thing. I 'threaten' my husband that I still will have some ... some day. Until then I can enjoy yours!

  13. Dear Lord in heaven thank you for Babies of all kinds...there is nothing more precious then tyler and the baby goats...They are so adorable. Thanks for sharing!!

    Have a Great Day!

  14. OMGosh how blessed you are......baby goats and a very handsome grandson. Keep sharing!!!

  15. You can never have too many goat kid pictures! They are looking good.

  16. Never!!!! What a lucky boy....Tyler!!!

  17. That close up of Tyler and the goat is priceless.

  18. NEVER NEVER!!! More baby goat pics!!

    I've posted a couple of the videos on Facebook = )


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