Friday, March 11, 2011

In Need of a Life Raft

Will someone please throw me a life preserver?
I am afraid that very soon
I might just

After Sunday's snowstorm deposited 6 inches,
we have had nothing but rain, rain, rain.
The ground is super saturated and will soak up not a drop more.

Local streams and rivers are swelling,
their waters flowing swiftly and deeply.

Our pond crested yesterday afternoon,
the excess spilling wildly over the spillway....
the outflow pipe apparently clogged.

I grabbed a long hook tool,
extracted a bunch of sticks and debris,
and immediately a whirlpool started....

and gallons upon gallons of overflow poured out of the 
opposite end of the pipe;
creating a river of water down through the woods.

Our pastures are under water...

As are the chicken yards...

The horses have 2 stalls open and 2 run-in sheds available to escape the rain.
 Do they use them?  
Of course not. 

Instead, they stand outside
making me feel guilty.
As if it is my fault the weather is so miserable!

And the chickens....
well, most of them have the sense to stay indoors.
Except Rod.

Have you ever seen a sadder looking fellow?
This silly guy is just too nosey to stay indoors...
he's always afraid that he might miss something.
And so he stands out in the pouring rain....
crowing his heart out!

So, I am looking for something positive about all of this water.
 It will help our water table for the coming summer.
And, we should have a beautifully green spring as a result.

I guess I will have to hang on to that thought,
as I dress myself in waterproof rain gear, muck boots, and water wings
and head out to embrace the rain.

I hope that wherever you are, you are warm and dry and 
taking this opportunity to finish all of your indoor projects!
Keep sunny thoughts....
eventually we will see that sun again.


  1. Oh, my gosh. And you won't believe this - it's going opposite here. We've had all the standing water from the rain. This morning - flurries. But I'll take flurries over all the tragedy going on with all those earthquakes in Japan. May God's mercy fall upon them all - quickly.

  2. I don't know where to start my whimpering. The snow/wind/rain..take your pick!! Wed. was a white out..with high winds like no other storm..then Wed. nite until today we have had wind and rain. We also are floating!! The horses needed skates up until this morning. I hope this ends soon...enough!! Good thing I can find some laughs about this helps..I I look at the rest of the world and think maybe we are doing ok..once I dry off.
    We seem to be having the same weather..lucky us. Take care..Judi

  3. So much water. We are getting rain today, but nothing like your area experienced. I am hopeful for Spring.

  4. We've got the same rain and flood plains here. Our horses have always preferred standing out in the rain too.. I'd throw an extra flake of hay in their stalls just to entice them in.

    Love the wet chicken -

  5. We are getting blasted with the rain today-will melt some of the 3 feet of snow and will need the rowboat/kayaks!! Incredible-as long as it doesn't freeze anymore! Your ducks must be happy!! Rod looks pretty damp-animals as well as people are so ready for spring green!!

  6. It will dry up, It will dry up, It will dry up. Although here, we got ICE. Came home from a fabulous vacation to the worse ice storm we've had in years ~ over 48 hours without pour, we're living in an ice castle ~ Still wouldn't change it for any other way of life. Wishing you a bright sunny day.

  7. No more raain in the 6 day forcast and the suns trying very hard to show it's bright face..

  8. Okay, okay... I will stop whining about the cold front that just hit us. We were having gorgeous weather and then got hit with cold weather. You may not think it is cold, but when you are not used to it, it is cold!

    Stay safe and dry!

    ~ Tracy

  9. I'm sending an enormous umbrella for you all, it's all blue sky's and fluffy clouds. The picture of the rooster is perfect! Do you mind if I print a copy for my bulletin board?

  10. That certainly does look miserable. I do hope things improve for you.

  11. Oh dear, I would be ready for the looney bin. You are cordially invited to my little taste of spring I had to take a drive to and enjoy.

  12. How ironic. It's supposed to be raining all week here. Oregon is a rainy state after all. But alas, no rain. Except for the hour of the day that I decided to go work outside yesterday, it has been sunny the last few days...well, cloudy/sunny, but no rain. Hope things dry up for you soon!

  13. I'm glad I'm in good company! And you've reminded me to go check on my basement (again).
    And aren't chickens silly? My rooster is outside guarding the girls too. Standing in water. While getting covered with snow.

  14. I know how you feel about the rain and snow. Here in Ohio we are having flooding now. Your animals are like ours. Our chickens stand out in the rain too. We have a small farm and love the country life. I really enjoyed all your animal pictures.
    Country at Heart


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