Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dream, Dream, Dream

I have a confession to make.
I have to escape.
I can no longer face the snow and ice and rain and slop,
mud and muck and end of winter filth.

I have to get away....
escape to a place where none of this exists.

So, today's post will have no pictures of the current state of things.
No, today's post is a fantasy...
a dream...
make believe....
for now, at least.

In my fantasy world, my grass is green.
My blueberry field is freshly mulched, with
leaves on the bushes....

In my dream, I am picking strawberries in my freshly weeded patch,
my faithful TomTom keeping me company....

In my dream there are newly born kids in all the warming huts...

Butterflies lazily float from flower to flower in my
beautifully manicured flower beds....

My horses are clean....

And their hooves are freshly trimmed.
Happy little horses....

My chickens are out and about (and fully feathered)...

In my dream, the garden is brimming with fresh produce,
and the fruit trees are ready to harvest...

Ahhhh, I am warm and dry and loving the sun on my skin
and the soil in my fingers.

What's that you say?
"Wake up"??
It's only a dream??
There is still snow and ice in my world??

Well, so much for fantasy.

"Have patience," I tell my self.

Today this may be a dream.
But soon, very soon, this will be my reality.


  1. I'm right there with you in your dream world! Sadly, I've been having actual dreams of ice fishing and snow- much like the weather outside my window. Another storm on the way tonight!

  2. Oh wonderful!!! Need this dream so badly-my chickies would so love to be out-but will still be snow blind till June I think!! Our driveway is a ribbon of ice~doesn't that sound better then the treacherous sheet it is!! Not to mention the 3-4 feet of snow!Think spring Bev!!

  3. Love these photos... we spent a half hour shedding my Qh yesterday. Spring is on it's way!! I have a chicken question - how often to you let your chickens free roam, and do you have problems with preditors? I'm trying to figure out how I will do that. We've built a big chicken run with covered roof, but my guess is that won't be enough foraging for them.

  4. I am having the same dream and DON'T wake me up. I will drive 30 minutes down the hill this week and enjoy hordes of daffodils and blooming bulbs and share the love on my blog.

  5. Don't worry soon it will be a reality. But I think your day dreaming is a good thing. Keep up the good work. We all need to do whatever it takes to get thru this trying winter. It should help us to appreciate the beautiful weather all the more..right? I hope you have a dreammy day. Lisa

  6. Getting sick of the snow as well in Wisconsin....thanks for the mini vacation. Ahhh.....butterflies.... now I remember!!

  7. Oh, thank you, I was there with you..wonderful job...I enjoyed every minute of it. And what time could I more appreciate every delicate nuance...smell the pear, feel the soft compost in my hands, see that lush green grass and smell the flowers....right now, of course!
    This makes me wonder if I really appreciate it all as much when I have it....

  8. yep, Bev, Karen & I were walking with you around your garden, & giving kisses to the baby kids and sharing gardening tips.

    I keep looking at my property and right now all I see are vast mini ponds, left behind from the melted snow and all this rain...
    Summer will be here soon! until then, Dream on!


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