Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Building A Salad Table and More Tales From the Skunk Woods

As promised,
I thought I would share a little info with you
about how Hubbs built our salad table.

Our garden is by the barn, which is quite a ways from our house,
so I thought that having a specific container in which to grow
our salad greens would be a great idea to have
right at the house.

I saw a catalog item called a salad table and it looked
super easy to build.

So Hubbs set out to recreate what we saw.....

The bed of the salad table is made from cedar;
the legs are pressure treated pine.
You don't want to make your boxes from pressure treated
lumber, as the chemicals used to treat the lumber are toxic 
and can leach into your planting soil.

The length of our table is 5 feet.
The sides are 1 foot, 10 1/2 inches.
The legs are 2 1/2 feet long.
The slats across the bottom are 2 feet long.

The bed of the box is constructed with two 1X6's on
top of each other....making it about 11 inches deep.
The entire structure is screwed together.

It is lined with several layers of screening...
providing drainage, but keeping the soil in.

The bottom slats have space between them,
again providing drainage.

Wheels on one end allow for easy movement
to sunny locations if needed.

I filled the box with 4 parts topsoil, 2 part compost,
and then top dressed it with
sterile, organic garden soil....
this is a great weed deterrent.

I have planted a variety of leaf lettuces and spinach.

Once the seedlings emerge, I will cover them at night
if we have a particularly cold snap,
although both lettuce and spinach are cool weather crops.
The lettuce might not tolerate a hard freeze.

Three more skunk attacks over the weekend
(Sam - 2, Oakley - 1 more)
 prompted me to make this....

Having everything right in one place makes dealing
with the haz-mat clean-up much easier!!

The contents are:
hydrogen perozide
baking soda
baby shampoo
eye lube, to prevent chemical irritation
dog towel

Having the in a bucket is handy,
because then I use the bucket to mix up the 
hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and detergent bath.

A note about the Tecnu....
use it as the first step.  Work the lotion into your pet's fur
while his/her fur is still dry.
Then wash it out with the peroxide bath.
Follow with baby shampoo.
Another peroxide bath if there is any residual smell...
and this should eradicate the nasty odor.

It's always good to be prepared!!


  1. I don't know anyone else that has a skunk kit..You should market it..Have you tried vinegar??

  2. Love the skunk kit!! What a great idea for your salad table. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wish I could start lettace...one of these days...
    Sorry you have so many skunk problems...what a pain!

  4. I love your salad greens table. Something new to put on the list to build. I have seen these at different garden shows and have thought was a good idea, I had not thought of putting one on my back deck, which is closer to my kitchen that going down the steps to the back yard, though actually going up and down those steps is good exercise for me.

  5. Hi Beverly,
    What a wonderful idea! So far we've been very lucky as I know if there was as skunk around Shep would find it. DH saw one cross the road just down the road from our farm but I guess it headed the other direction. I'm going to make my list of items I need just in case and also get a bucket like you suggest. Thanks for the idea! I hope your day is a good one.
    Maura :)

  6. I forgot to mention about your salad table! Another great idea and I love that it's on wheels so you can move it around if you need to. I see in a previous post that you've already started planting...hopefully this weekend or next week we'll till up the garden. Can't wait to get in there! Have a great day.
    Maura :)

  7. Love the salad table! We are moving into a place which doesn't have garden space so we can save up for our farm land. I was really going to miss my fresh greens and now I don't have to. Awesome!

  8. I have not given up on my dream of having a potting shed & garden boxes but this year it dose not seem to be possiable. But a salad table would be. Thanks so much for sharing yours & the building info. Blessings!

  9. I love your salad table! That would be so nice to just step outside and have your greens.


  10. I think that the last comment was put under the wrong post. Oh well. Our dog Max was sprayed by a skunk twice in one week. He bit the tail of a baby skunk. I didn't know about Tecnu for animals. It takes a lot of work to get rid of the horrible skunk odor.


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