Monday, February 14, 2011

We're Havin' a Heat Wave...

....a tropical heat wave!!

Great News!!

The Jetstream has finally made its way back down out
of Canada, and with it has brought us some warm weather.

Yesterday the temperature was in the upper 40's.
After what we have endured for the past 3 months,
the 40's felt balmy.
We shed our winter gear, put on our rain gear
and gave Maddie, our Newfie, a much needed bath.
(Don't worry, that's warm water from that hose!)

It will take the next 48 hours for Maddie to dry.
Newfies are blessed with very thick double coats,
that are virtually impervious to water.
It takes a lot of shampoo and water to accomplish a bath.

While we were all reveling in the warmer weather,
Sadie kept seeking out the snow.
(You can take the dog out of the Alps,
but you can't take the Alps out of the dog!!)

And while Maddie was drying, and Sadie was cooling off,

Oakley was enjoying his daily dose of lovin!

And Tyler was showing us how mobile he has become.
Guess who's crawling???

All this next week, the temperatures are to be in the 50's.
With any luck, the rest of our snow will melt and
I can begin some late winter clean up.
Oh, how good it will be to get out in the fresh air,
and not freeze!!

I hope wherever you are, you are also having a welcomed relief
from the cold!!

PS:  Hugs and Kisses from all the critters here at Bee Haven Acres!!
Happy Valentine's Day to all of our friends!


  1. We are expected to hit 45 today. It will take days of high temps to melt whats in my yard. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

  2. Happy Valentine's day to you, your family and all the critters!
    We're supposed to be in the 60's all week and it feels soooo good.

  3. Happy Valentines Day to you and yours!

  4. muahhh! kisses and happy Valentine's Day from our corner... :)

  5. Enjoy the warmth, Anke. I was so happy this morning doing was 46 degrees....I only wore a sweatshirt...was too hot in my coat! YAY!!!

  6. Mwaaaaahhhh! right back at you!!

  7. Happy Valentine's to you too! Glad you got a bit of a heat way too. It is in the 40's here and I hope to get out to my new trailer today.
    Looks like trouble is on the loose...he is so cute though!

  8. What beautiful dogs you have Bev! And that little Tyler sure is a cutie! Have a great Valentine's Day! :D

  9. I wouldn't want to be close to Maddie when she shakes that water out of her coat...Enjoy the day..Don't blow away...Have a great Valentines Day...Hubs too

  10. LOVE the pic of you and Oakley!! Sooooo much like my Piper-boy = )

    Well...I love all your pics! But I have a special place in my heart for black labs...

    Thanks so much for blogging and sharing your life with us!

  11. Hi Beverly!
    Isn't this warm weather wonderful...on Thursday it's to be 73 here in our part of Kansas! I will start to worry if it stays that warm for too long as it will make the lilacs bloom prematurely before our last frost date. That happened 2 years ago...just before we moved to the farm. They had no lilac blossoms and no fruit blossoms and we didn't have any fruit later that summer. I guess warm weather this time can be a blessing AND a curse! Enjoy your warm temperatures.
    Maura :)

  12. Glad you've gotten some warmer weather. We're also having a break from the cold. Now it's the mud, but I'm okay with that for a change.

  13. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, beautiful picture of Sadie in the snow, my love. I hope you had a special day with your sweetie on Valentines Day.

  14. tres interessant, merci


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