Monday, February 21, 2011

We're Back...And You Didn't Even Know We Were Gone!!

Happy Monday!!
We returned last evening from a whirlwind trip to Charlotte, N.C.
We flew down Friday evening to spend the weekend with one of the
"kids", Ryan and his girlfriend.
We hiked and visited and dined...basically packing as much
activity into the weekend as possible.

It was a great quick get-a-way from early morning chores
and farm work.
Unfortunately, it leaves me with no "story" for today.

I do have a little update for you, however.

We've had a big thaw after several days of 60 - 70 degree weather
(unfortunately it is back into the 30's and 40's now).
The pond is no longer frozen....and the ducks are very happy.
At least 17 of the ducks are happy.
Sadly, though, number 18 has gone missing.
I fear he has fallen prey to a hungry animal.
Up to this point, I was so happy that all 18 ducks had made it 
almost a whole year.
Oh well...I guess it could be worse.

Such is life on the farm.
We try everything possible to keep our animals healthy and alive...
yet, nature has a way of weeding them out.

On a lighter note,
we have been aware that there has been a visitor to our
200+ year old log cabin.
Although we keep it locked and under video surveillance,
we still manage to get an occasional visitor or squatter.


Bet that's not what you expected, now, is it????

Have a wonderful Monday.
We will be spending our day doing a bit of late winter
clean up...
cutting down the tall grasses,
cleaning up fallen limbs,
raking leaves,
cleaning out bluebird houses,
and all of the other normal farm chores.


Dawn Dutton said...

Sorry for your loss. I love your squatter. Cute. Have a super week.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. So sorry to hear about your duck. Your visitor is not as scary as I thought he was going to be!!!

Ginny said...

Sorry to hear about your duck. Our ducks said to tell you that they are very sorry, they know how it is to lose one of their own. I expected to see a bear in the window!!

Anonymous said...

You always have a story..I envy your imagination...I hope the duck predator doesn't come back for more..Snow tonight!!!

Kelly said...

Sorry about the lost #18. Glad you had a safe trip and lots of fun. At least your squatter is clean and doesnt leave a mess!

Marcia said...

If the squatter produces any ear wax candles, let me know. I'll buy a few :)

Teresa said...

What a wonderful visitor! I'm impressed you managed to keep that many ducks. They are just so vulnerable.

kpaints said...

Oh, I missed this post...I never expected Shrek but he is totally my boyfiend!!! So adorable!

Tom Stewart said...

Nice house guest!
As you continue winter clean-up, remember that your worms will appreciate the leaves! I use leaves as bedding material and the worms will eat them too!
I do not have any trees on my small 3 acres, So I pikcup bagged leaves I find curb-side. This way my worms are happy and a little less goes to the landfill!


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