Friday, February 11, 2011


I have decided that I may need to rename our little red buck.
His given name is Fred.

Fred was born last of twins belonging to O'Malley,
the other being Sally, his sister.

Fred has lived with the other stinky Bucks since summer.
But Fred is as different from the other Bucks as one could
possibly be.

He is smaller, sweeter, friendlier, and does not exhibit any of those
annoying buck behaviors.
Testosterone doesn't make Fred crazy, like it does the others.
Poor Fred is low man on the totem pole, in the buck pen.
He tries to avoid confrontation,
and when the others fight, 
he steers clear of the mayhem.

Unfortunately, though, he can't steer clear of Smoochie,

who thinks dear Fred is he own personal "buddy"...
and not the kind of buddy that anyone would want to be.  
(But more like the kind of buddy one would expect to become in prison.)
Yes, THAT kind of buddy.

That is why all of Fred's lovely white fur is filthy dirty.
Smoochie is constantly climbing on Fred,
wiping his urine stained undercarriage all over Fred's white fur.

Poor Fred.

He just needs to grow a little and become a little more assertive.
Until then we will just have to call him 'Pigpen".

By the way, Fred may be small and unassertive,
but Fred is going to be a Daddy this Spring.

I can hardly wait to see what his kids will look like!


  1. Oh noes! Poor Fred indeed. Smoochie needs to learn some manners.

    Barnyard drama -- it's not always pretty, but always interesting. :)

  2. He's adorable!! Maybe he's not meant to be a stud and would be better off as a pet, neutered and living with the girls... as a .. babysitter?

    Poor red fred...

  3. Good Morning Beverly!
    Aww poor little Fred...he's a 'lover' not a fighter then. Good for him. Hopefully one day he'll have had enough of Smoochie and put him in his place. Until then he can be happy knowing he did his job. I hope your day is a wonderful one.
    Maura :)

  4. I just checked out your last several posts...what a great blog. You sure have a lot of beautiful creatures there...great and small.

  5. Poor Fred...guess he's more of a lover than a fighter..Some day Smoochie will get pay back!!

  6. Oh, I bet they will be cute! And real clean!

  7. They are all cute! They have beautiful eyes. Blessings!

  8. Poor Fred! Prison life is not a pretty scene. Smoochie looks like he could be quite intimidating and I hope he doesn’t use words with Fred that start with “b”. I just had to use some prison humor :)
    Can’t wait to see cute little Pigpen’s babies :)

  9. Smoochie is so handsome!!! Poor Fred though. Your farm and animals are all lovely! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've really been enjoying all the posts I've found on goats...I never knew they were so popular! Our daughter wanted a fainting goat, but we needed to get a Boer for her 4-H project...we'll see what this leads to! :)

  11. HAHA When I used to work with your husband he had a hard time with my name so he used to call me Fred. Your post made me smile remembering good times at work.

  12. Huge Smile... Your barnyard stores do so take me back in time when I lived on the farm... I can totally relate to all the barnyard drama...

    Poor Fred one to be chased by the Testosterone Smoochie..but to have to live by the nick name PigPin when he is such a lovable darlin...sigh...
    Will be fun to find out if his kids are as sweet as he is!!

    Have a great weekend!


  13. Fred does look like quite the nice guy. I might even come out of retirement for a sweetie like him.

  14. Poor Fred. I am still giggling reading Amy's comment. I've learn so much from reading all my farm blogs.


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