Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Phil May Have Lied!!

We have a major case of Spring fever here on the farm.
Unfortunately, the weather is not cooperating.

We were spoiled by last week's high temperatures.
Now the weather is back to what is typical for February.
We've had a little more snow and more is on the way.

Even the Roos have Spring fever and refuse to stay indoors.
They do, however, find a higher perch than the ground.

The guineas seek higher ground also,
and spend their days hanging out with the Nigerian goats,
who are always undaunted by any weather conditions.

I thought I would share another view of the farm with you.
I took this picture from above our upper horse pastures.
There are 4 equal sized pastures in front of me and the barn in the
distance.  These fields provide adequate summer grazing for the horses.
We have the ability to connect any of the fields to each other
with gates that swing out across these pathways between....
giving the horses access to 1, 2, 3 or all 4 fields at one time.

Fields #1 and #2 are directly behind #3 and #4.
As I stand here taking this picture,
our 100 acres of woodlands and our riding arena are 
located behind me.
To my left are the goats, chickens, 
my sister-in-law Becky's log home 
and yet more woods...
through them lies our log farmhouse.

This wooded area is located next to our barn,
and was extremely hard hit by the last ice storm
and several wind storms that followed.
We will never have to cut down a single tree to heat our house.
There are enough that have fallen to last our lifetime
and that of our kids.
Our challenge will be keeping enough sharpened chain saw
blades on hand!

In closing, I must say:
I believe that Punxatawney Phil may have lied.
There seems to be a bit more winter left for us to face this year.
Guess I will hunker down, sew, and bake more cookies!
The late winter clean up will have to wait.


  1. I noticed a long row of dog houses. They look so neat all spread out like that. I also think its a riot how all the roosters hang out together.Their own boys club so to speak. They are very handsome. Gorgeous property.

  2. Noooo, please don't tell me Phil lied. I am so ready for spring...
    Have fun sewing and baking cookies!

  3. I know what you mean. It is depressing when we get the spring tease. I keep telling myself that it will be green soon. Patience is never my strong point.

  4. He absolutely lied...but it is a beautiful day now that the driveway and sidewalk are cleared..It looks as though we had a little more snow than you did !!! Lucky us

  5. Once again all the beautiful pictures of your farm take me back down memory lane to my family farm where I grew up..Whenever I come visit your Blog those memories become as vivid as if I was still there..

    Thanks for Sharing!!


  6. I so have Spring Fever and this past weekend I was out pruning roses. Now the weatherman say snow for us on Wednesday. Yes, we do need to have a discussion with Phil! I love all the farm pictures.

  7. I'd love to have your place only it looks like so much work. Can you tell I'm getting old ...

    We got another dusting of snow this morning ... I so want Spring to arrive.

  8. Love the chickens on the branch!...and your farm is sprawlingly beautiful. What a great place to live.

  9. You have a beautiful pasture system. Very nice. I love the picture of the roosters lined up on the branch. Cute. I'm not ready to say Phil lied; I consider this just a minor setback.

  10. I agree with you, Punc Phil fibed...we had some snow again today and are expecting 4-8" between tonight & tomorrow night...oh joy!
    Shall I send you some of ours? lol!
    Hugz & stay warm

  11. The chickens on the branch is so cute. All the photos of the cats & the dog Ienjoyed. You have a wonderful large farm. Blessings!


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