Monday, February 28, 2011

Oakley Le Pew

Here is the picture of innocence...
exhaustion, enervation, fatigue, ....
sleeping there....neat and clean in their own beds.
What could be sweeter than two boys, peacefully slumbering?

Ah, if only what led up to this picture was half as peaceful!

Well, let us take a step backward a few hours before this picture.....
back to evening "close up" time, 
when all the farm animals are snuggly tucked in for the night.

I was down at the barn giving the horses their nightly feeding of hay,
when my nose was accosted by a putrid, acrid, horrifying odor.
I immediately searched for Sam, who I knew had accompanied me to the barn.
Sam was by my side in an instant.... no odor following him.

We hastily returned home....with gator at top speed, trying to outrun the stench.

Oakley, who I was unaware was even outside, greeted us at the door to the house.
Immediately, I understood from where the unGodly odor emanated....

Oakley!  it seems had met his match.....
a stand off with Pepe Le Pew....and Oakley had lost!

Those of you who live with dogs in the country,
or even suburbia, live in fear of this moment....
the moment of realization that your dear beloved pet has
been on the receiving end of the foulest scent known to mankind.

Step 1:  Realization : cussing, sighing, crying, denial.
Step 2: Dismay and Disgust:  "Oakley, how could you???"
"Why me?"
Step 3: Avoidance:  packing one's bags and leaving home...always an option.
Step 4:  Acceptance:  Ok, now what are all those home remedies
I've read about through the years???
Step 5:  Work,work,work...pouring everything in one's pantry
and medicine chest onto said dog in an attempt to remove
what you fear may be un-removable!


  • Tomato juice .... doesn't really work...and besides, who has enough tomato juice to fill up a tub?
  • Massengil douche.....ok, really? Does anyone have this around?  Does anyone even use this stuff anymore?  What does this imply about feminine hygiene if it even works on skunk odor?
  • Peroxide (one quart), baking soda (1/4 cup), detergent (1 tbsp)....ok, this makes you feel as if you are really doing something about the situation.  Does it work?  Reportedly, yes.  I am not sure.
We tried the last concoction...twice....interspersed with baby shampoo bathings.  
Still...Oakley smelled a little like he had risen from the underworld.

Lastly, from somewhere in my memory bank, 
I remembered a product that I thought might work:

This was perhaps the best remedy yet.
It is a product that we keep on hand for poison ivy exposure.
It was designed and used in the nuclear industry
for the decontamination of skin from nuclear fallout.

We poured it into our hands and began rubbing it into Oakley's coat....
letting it sit for a few moments and then bathing it off.
Low and behold, the stench began to dissipate.
Our old Oakely was starting to emerge from the putrid fog
that had enveloped him.
A few dabs of Listerine to the areas that had faint traces
of skunk smell, and our sweet boy was restored.

I can't emphasize enough how good this product is.
If you have pets,
or if you live in the country,
your medicine chest should always be equipped with
I can attest to the fact that it does a great job in removing 
the oils of poison ivy.  And I really think it did the most good
in dealing with the skunk spray.
(There are other products on the market specifically made to remove 
the odor of skunk spray....but we had none of these in the house.)

It would not be fair if I didn't give just a little space in this blog
to the lowly skunk...harmless with the exception of his one
defense that strikes terror in the hearts of all who encounter him.
The skunk sprays a harsh chemical from his anal glands that has
components known as "thiols" in it.  These thiols are the cause
of skunk spray's harsh, acrid odor.  Besides the obvious odor,
these chemicals also cause burning of the eyes and nostrils.
There is only one animal considered to be a predator of the skunk...
and that is the Great Horned Owl,
with his poor to non-existent sense of smell.
(Lucky owl!)


  1. Ugh, I have not had that experience. I hope to avoid it altogether, but it's good to know your remedy just in case.

  2. Where did you buy the tecnu cleanser? So far we've been lucky and none of our dogs have ever been sprayed, but Savvy likes to roll in the most awful smelling stuff sometimes.

  3. Been there done that!! It is not fun!!! Thanks for the name of another product that helps. I will be searching it out next time I shop. I have never heard of it before. What an evening you had..poor you and Oakley.
    It is that kind of weather for our furry friends to appear again. We have freezing rain this morning so it is going to be a slippery ride to the barn. Horses in for the morning at least. Can't wait for spring weather to come and stay.


  4. I buy it at our "local" drugstore, and keep it on hand to prevent poison ivy breakouts.

  5. Ohhh. what a bummer. We often smell the little critters but thankfully we have not had to deal with that yet. I always close the dog door if I smell it. I don't like to take any chances. Thanks for the info. I just might have to get some just in case. Have a good day. Lisa

  6. I do buy some stuff at the feed store just for that. I buy it by the gallon now since skunks are always in my yard. I just shudder to think of the smell.

    Been there and don"t envy you. Poor Oakley, if only they would learn from this..

  8. Anns dog had a confrontation with a skunk months ago and still has some residual odor...I'll let her know about this..thanks

  9. When our Bella got skunked we used the peroxide mixture with success. But I attribute that to quick action and her Lab like coat that sheds water and allowed me to wipe off a lot of the stinky oils. Poor Oakley! If we think it stinks just think of them being sprayed in the face and how bad THAT smells! :)

  10. Ugh, what an ordeal for you!!!! Bet the kid enjoyed the attention! Ha! It sure is wonderful that you had that product on hand!

  11. I'm so glad to know that! Tecnu is a standby at our house. With 3 boy scouts who contract poison ivy easily, we go through the stuff. My youngest has been on steriods for poison ivy twice this winter! And since we have a very hairy golden who tries to retrieve skunks, I'm glad to know that use too. I better get another bottle for next time.

  12. Too funny!!
    It's bad enough as "road kill", can't imagine getting as a direct shot!!

  13. I hate when my dogs play with skunks. I even had a goat that was sprayed last spring. That wasn't fun either.

  14. I always keep up-to-date with your posts ... timing is everything ... I read your post at lunchtime and by bedtime I was looking for my stash of Tecnu. We've had this hidden in the back of the bathroom cupboard for years, using it always for poison ivy, never thinking to use for our Chocolate Lab's skunk encounters. Her paws no more than hit the dirt exiting the house last night at bedtime, when Pepe sprayed her square in the face. What nerve!! Needless to say, your tip was put into prompt action and made short order of an ugly incident! THANKS a million!

  15. Apple cider vinegar works too (that is the ingredient in the Massengil product btw) of course then you have the vinegar scent to deal with!

  16. Hahahahaha hilarious post, love the first pictures. I used the peroxide bath, if you make it strong enough it usually works. Though it did turn my black dog brown for like a year... :)


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