Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Morning Love Fest

I was greeted yesterday morning by another spectacular sunrise.
Just enough clouds on the horizon gave the sun a perfect
canvas on which to paint her masterpiece.

I wonder if the horses know how lucky they are
to witness every sunrise like this.
I'd love to think they feel the same awe as I.
(But...I suppose they don't even think of it.)

Just above this ribbon of color was an entire cloudless sky...
the first we've had in such a  long time, it seems.

I took a moment to drink in the hue...

At almost 50 degrees, I took off my jacket and
finished the morning chores in only my sweatshirt...
the hint of Spring in the air.

For weeks now, I have wanted to have my camera ready
at just the right time to share a little barnyard lovin'
with you.

You see, our barn kitty Bobby the Fearless has an ongoing
love affair with anyone who pays attention to him.
And for the most part that would be Sam (dog) and Scarlet (pony).

Both Sam and Scarlet act as though Bobby is their own personal kitty.

Bobby lets them nibble on him...
rolling onto his back asking for more.

How about a little belly chewing?

Bobby came to live with us by way of an older lady
with Parkinson's Disease.
Being as affectionate as he is, he became a hazard for this
woman....constantly under foot.
He was raised with a German Shepherd who would carry him 
around by the scruff of the neck.
Hence, he is Bobby the Fearless, friend to all.
So, we call this the morning "love fest".
I'm glad I finally captured it with the camera,
so that I could share it with you.

Sadly, by the time afternoon chore time rolled around,
a cold front had pushed through bringing 40 mph. winds
and much colder temperatures.
Our blue sky once again turned to clouds.

But the warm morning splendor will stick with me for days to come.
And the warmer temperatures are predicted to return to us by the week's end.

Is it possible the groundhog was right? 

 Is Spring just around the corner?


  1. It was a glorious day here too...I actually took the shedding blade to my horse!

  2. It's amazing how wonderful animals are with each other who aren't suppose to "get along!" If only people would live together like your animals. Love your fearless kitty!

  3. The skies are blue again today although it's a bit nippy..glad those winds have turned in to just a little breeze..
    I love Bobby..He's so much like my Max

  4. That is so amazing, cats, dogs and horses!
    Always love your sunrises! It sure is hard to keep track of this weather...it was nice here too but snowed over night...what's next?

  5. thank you for sharing the the Love Fest...they are just to cute..Animals could sure teach humans a thing or two about unconditional Love!!


  6. Beautiful sunrise! Yesterday was beautiful here too...I think the groundhog WAS right! :)

  7. The morning sun is beautiful! I would guess the horses are more concerned with their food than the sunrise. That cat is so funny! I certainly do hope spring is here.

  8. I enjoyed your photos.. Too cute. We have a dog that plays with our ducks like that. If the dog ignores the ducks they go after her to play with her. It's a riot. Our guests always are concerned the dog will hurt the ducks. So far she hasn't even plucked a feather. Animals are the best!

  9. What a trio! They are so cute together. That Bobby is a pretty cat with that long fur!


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