Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yesterday was a grey day.
If I had taken my photos on black and white,
they would look no different.

All day long, the sky was covered by a thick layer of
solid grey clouds.
Clouds that felt the need to disperse water.

First in the form of snow,

then frozen rain,

and finally moist and frigid fog.

It was the kind of day that slows the world down to a crawl.

Schools were closed,
roads were empty.

Every step had to be taken with care,
lest that layer of ice on top of the snow 
would send me tush over teacup.

Even the dogs were subdued.
Maddie hung out in the gator.

That is, until TomTom appeared.

Bobby stayed close to the barn,
only venturing out to perform a necessary duty in the snow.

The goats ventured out of their houses for supper
and then quickly returned to the dry shelter.

I kept the horses in the dry lot,
fearing their icy footing might end up in injury.

They didn't seem to mind, as they had a constant supply of hay
to keep them occupied.

It was a great day for staying put...
staying indoors,
focusing my attention on baking....biscotti, shortbread cookies,

a supper of pot roast, carrots and mashed potatoes...
comfort food.
Perfect for a grey day.

This is what I love about winter...
the opportunity to slow down.
Spring will be here soon enough,
for now, though, I am enjoying slow, grey days.


  1. such serene pics! i think we are going to get this front coming in soon and will be the same as you all. your doggies are so cute and of course your kitty is very handsome. my horses are happy if they get to nibble on grass but when the snows come they get grouchy. love those cookies! so pretty! stay warm! jill

  2. We had the same weather in NE yesterday. We are getting snow on Friday too. The amount will depend on the direction it comes in. Your gray pictures are still lovely.

  3. Those sorts of days put me in a funk. I get to feeling as gray as the surroundings. I'm not sure I could live where there was a real winter, ever again.
    You are a smart one--realizing it's just a call to slow down a bit and rest.

  4. I always enjoy my visits here, great photos, Winter does slow us down, and gives us opportunities to read seed catalogs and dream. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I am glad that you were able to do some baking. The biscotti and the cookies look so delicious. Now, I have never made carrot and mashed potatoes. You must tell us how you make them. I made steamed fresh carrots and potatoes last night as a part of the meal.

  6. Oh my Sharon...I corrected that typo. I had written carrot instead of carrots which made you think that the carrots were part of the mashed potatoes...Now THAT would be something new. No, instead, I cooked my carrots with the pot roast in the crockpot. Just good old fashioned mashed potatoes on the side. Leftovers just might be my lunch today!!

  7. Your cookies are beautiful!! Mollie and I did our fair share of sliding yesterday...She was trying out for the ice capades...what a trooper she is

  8. I don't much care for them as we get so many but I guess they have their funcition...I get a lot of crafting done.
    The sun is out today and it is just gorgeous! Here come some pics...yours are lovely even though it is dreary there.

  9. Great pics Bev! I too take advantage of grey days to get a lot of baking done. Your biscotti and shortbread cookies look delicious!

    ~ Tracy

  10. Hi Bev,
    You are living the life I always dreamed of. Good for you. Enjoy your break as Spring will come and so will more hard work. You are a loving animal mom!

  11. Bev, You are truly a girl after my own heart! I too love the winter and how it does tend to slow down the pace of life. I love being out in the snow shoveling or blowing or just walking in it, but I too love to bake in a warm house and make comfort foods! Your pics are beautiful. You capture the beauty of winter so well! And also the lovely cookies! Yummm.


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