Friday, January 21, 2011

This and That

I thought I would share a sweet moment from yesterday morning.
I arrived at the barn about 45 minutes before the sun rose...
such a peaceful time.

I know, you are going to remind me that Thursdays are my day off.
Unfortunately, my favorite "barn" hand, Jim, had shoulder
surgery and will have a few months of rehab before he will be ready 
for farm chores.
As for me, it's ok, cause I never mind coming out to do the chores.

Besides, watching the sun rise always starts my day out right!

So, there I was....
cleaning manure from the Bigs' dry lot, watching a ribbon of orange
scatter along the horizon.

I positioned myself for a picture,
only to look down and see this sight....

my two little buddies were sticking their noses through the fence
enticing me to give them each a kiss...

which I did.
Wanna know a secret?
I kiss my animals.
OK, well not the chickens,
and certainly not the stinky bucks who pee on their beards.
But, the horses?

Their noses get covered with smooches throughout the day.

Well, the rest of the day went as planned...
no escapes, no excitement.

I did want to share one more thing with you, though.

Do you remember that 12+ foot Christmas tree that was in our living room?

Well, you might remember that I said Hubbs had to use a 
chainsaw and cut it into thirds to get it back outside again.

I thought I would show you what it looks like now....

That is how committed we are to recycling.
Nothing goes to waste.
You see, each January our goats are treated to one of their
favorite snacks...... evergreen trees.

That's right, they spend the month of January
eating every remaining needle.
The trunks will be placed on the outdoor fire pit wood pile
for use in a future bonfire....
perhaps it will be fuel for a bonfire supper.

Oh, and by the way....
a denuded pine tree makes an excellent scratching post.
Just ask our goats.


  1. So sweet, as a matter of fact I bet that's better than chocolate....well, almost! I am a little afraid of horses but I think I could smooch with your cuties!

  2. There's nothing quite as soft as a horse nose.

    I'm glad the Christmas tree was enjoyed by the goats. I had no idea they liked pine.

  3. I so enjoyed this mornings post. I love all the little tidbits I learn from you. Soft noses and denuded tree!

  4. Not sure how I found your blog, via I am sure one of the many farm blogs I like to follow. This city gal longs to have a small place with a few goats, chickens and a horse or two. For now I love reading blogs on farm life so I hope you dont mine me haning around. I am so glad to know you kiss your animals. They are smart and know what kisses are. You have some sweet noses to kiss that is for sure and some beaks.

  5. Hi Bev, It's been ages since I've visited your blog. Love the photo of your horses. I have several blog friends with goats but I did not realize they loved to snack on evergreens. Hope everyone is doing well. Enjoy the weekend.

  6. I love to kiss donkey noses so I know how sweet that is :) The sunrise is gorgeous there and I bet that was a wonderful morning. Great way to use that big, beautiful tree too.

  7. love your title!!!! Sorry this is a little late but I was otherwise engaged yesterday..Thankyou again!!
    Good that the tree (altho no longer beautiful) has a purpose..Something we all need..Your choice of who to kiss and who not to kiss makes perfect sense ;) Stay warm

  8. Love the recycling! Always good photos.
    We got alot of "tails" in common.
    Come vist the herd:

  9. I've enjoyed reading through some of your latest posts. Great find through Farm Friend Friday :-D.


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