Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fungi for a Fun Guy

One of the Christmas presents that I bought Hubbs this year 
was two "grow your own mushroom" kits.
A week before Christmas, two boxes of mushroom compost arrived. 

Hubbs added water to his two boxes and set them in the pantry on the floor
beneath the shelves....constant temperature, little light.

Within a week, tiny mushrooms erupted and grew and grew.

Today we harvested those mushrooms.


and White Button...

These boxes will continue to produce new mushrooms
that we can harvest every two weeks or so,
for several months.

Part of today's harvest was cleaned and sauteed for
our breakfast omelets.

Fresh farm eggs with fresh spinach, fresh mushrooms 
and aged gouda cheese....Yum!!

The rest of the mushrooms were cleaned and placed in the refrigerator
for use in Sunday's dinner.

If you are interested in growing your own mushrooms,
you can order a kit here.


  1. Hi Bev,

    I'm so interested in doing this. I have always wondered how long to harvest them and how long it would continue to produce.

    I'll go check out the kits...I have a walk in pantry that stays on the cool side. Is that gonna be ok?

    Ok, off to learn more..thanks so much for visiting with me. I love to see your comments. I miss you! Although I know how busy you stay..but still miss you. ♥

    I've got MORE snow and more on the way for Monday and Tuesday. I'm stuck on the ridge. I need to park my car at the bottom and install a ski lift to get me up and down the ridge..LOL That sounds like a joke I bet but we know someone that has done that! Of course, I can't even begin to imagine what it cost them.


  2. I've never personally been fond of mushrooms, but growing them looks like tons of fun. Look at all those great shapes!

    Do you get weird looks when you tell people there are mushrooms growing in your pantry? :-)

  3. Wow ,what a neat gift, and really something the whole family benefits from. Fresh mushrooms. YUM!!

  4. Mmmmmmm rubber bands

  5. OMG! Bev, what a wonderful gift, not to mention what a yummy gift!
    Gary & I luv mushrooms...ok, now I will have to check into this whole new way of gardening! lol!
    Thanx for the tip.

  6. I might have to try growing mushrooms from a kit. Our mushroom log experiment this past spring didn't seem to work out. Yours look amazing, I bet they were delicious!

  7. What a great idea and so fun. I love it that the rewards are quick!
    That omelet looks divine...I am hungry, guess I better go drink my protein. Hummm...

  8. I know another blogger who grows his own mushrooms. Too bad I'm the only one at my house that likes them, or I'd grow them too.


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