Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Calm Before The Storm

The Calm....

I was originally going to call this post
"Making Snow Angels".

Yesterday morning, while I was cleaning the dry lot,
the Bigs took turns rolling in the snow.

First Donnie,

then Scarlet,

and lastly, Moonbeam.

Back and forth they rolled, with obvious enjoyment.
"Are they making snow angels?"  I wondered....
How strange that they all did this at the same time.

Snow angels????

I think not.
That carries with it a connotation that the horses might also be angelic.

Ahhh, but this is far from the truth.
At this point I changed the name of this post to
"The Calm Before the Storm".

The Storm....

Because, as soon as I finished my chores and headed back to the house,
these three angelic equines found the only stall door that I had inadvertently
left unlatched....not open, mind you, just not latched.

They used their dexterous lips to open the stall doors the whole way...
their gateway to freedom.
And off they ran.....
and ran....
and ran.....
(All of this unbeknownst to me.)
That is, until Becky yelled in my back door...
"Hey, the Bigs are loose!!"

Quick! on with the jacket, snowpants, boots, gloves...
hop into the gator,
stop at the barn, pick up the halters and lead ropes
and a little tasty feed as a lure.
Drive down the lane, down the road, around the corner, 
up towards Becky's barn (they always go visit her horses.)
Low and behold there they were, carefully closed in her pasture
(Thank you Kathy...
our neighbor who spotted them running and headed out after them)  

Halters on.....trudging back to our barn....carefully, through ice and snow...
back into the dry lot....
adventure over.
(Thanks for the help, Kathy and takes a village!)

Snow angels???

I think not.

Unfortunately, in the haste to get out to corral these naughty kids,
I forgot my camera.
So no pictures as proof.
You'll have to take me at my word, as I huff and puff from chasing them...
It happened.
I swear.


  1. Oh my... at least you knew where the runaways would run off to, and were able to catch them. One day when we were driving on a little country road here, there was a horse just going for a stroll. He finally just went into one of the surrounding fields, but I'm not sure that is where he came from.

  2. Never a dull moment. Isn't it amazing how horsey lips are like dexterous fingers? Sounds like they had a fun jaunt. Ha Ha, and what would we do without the lure of a rattling grain bucket with a handful of feed? I've been known to take the lazy route of bringing my horses in that way when the idea of trudging across acres of pasture in a howling winter wind seems daunting. :0)
    Heather in PA

  3. I believe you, Beverly. We lived up at the top of a valley that had a huge equine farm down in it, and every once in a while, we'd have five or more horses visiting us in our back yard, carrying on through out garden (Oh dear) and visiting with us by poking their heads up to our windows to see what we were up to. lol I loved the visits, but the folks at the farm sure didn't. It was quite an ordeal to get them all back.

    At least they had some fun that morning. ;-)


  4. It reminds me of when we had hamsters. When they got out, we knew where to find them, because they always followed the same path. I am glad that you had other helping you look out for the naughty horses and I am glad that they are safe. There is never a dull moment at Bee Acres.

  5. I was going to tell you that my Golden Retreiver does the same thing .. makes doggie angels in the snow. The getting out of the gate .. nope, that she hasn't mastered quite yet.

  6. Awesome Story...and it made me laugh as memories of my days as a kid on the farm...Chasing the cows, or sheep or Pigs and yes even the horses was about as common as sitting down to dinner. somehow they always knew how to get loose so we had to chase them down... I now live on a my brothers mini farm and it seems while I was at my daughters Birthday dinner the other night there horse and teh neighbors two horses all got out and took a strol. One of them broke the gate so they are all in there dry lots for the past two days...LOL..guess its in the air!!

    Look at the good side of it Exersise is always good for you!!


  7. Do you ever have just a normal day? I can't imagine chasing horses! One day I looked out my kitchen window and there was a horse in my back acre grazing. It was a lovely sight! My neighbor from down the road came and wrangled it back home. I want a cow so bad - but I almost know I couldn't handle one....let alone a horse!

  8. Bad horses, it made me think of Wilbur in Charlotte's web, I bet the boy roosters in their own house were cheering them on.

  9. Oh, I definitely believe you! When I was younger I had two horses, Honey and Chena, and if I was not careful, they would take advantage of it and go visit our neighbor because apparently their strawberries and apples were better than ours. We did not have gators back then and I had to do all my trudging on feet through the snow and ice! My bribery was either sugar cubes or carrots because they would just ignore the grain knowing they could get that any time.

    Love the pictures of them rolling in the snow!

    ~ Tracy

  10. Beautiful snow angel you got there. These photos are neat. Oh boy sorry to hear they got out. I want a donkey so bad. I dont believe I want to hunt it down. i guess this is just a part of farm life. I am glad all are safe & sound. Blessings!

  11. They were just trying to help you get a little cardiovascular workout. :) They know you've been feeling sluggish from all your time in front of the fire.

  12. Snow Angels???? lol!
    All i can say is, if I had been there, I would have helped you,,,or at least sat by the firepit, sipping mulled wine and laughing.....hey, what a re friends for? lol!

  13. Always something to keep you on your toes...Horsey lips manuver very well...Ha Ha!!


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