Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Behind our house there is a magical path that leads out 
through the wood pile and makes its way into the woods. 

The woods on this side of the house is a mixture of hemlock (evergreen)
 and deciduous trees.  

For three seasons of the year, these woods are thick and dense with growth. 
 During the winter time, however, you can easily explore this area. 

 And that's just what we did yesterday, the dogs and I. 
 We went for a walk.

The dogs never tire of exploring the woods;
it's their favorite activity.
The weather was cold and crisp...
a couple of inches of powdery snow still on the ground.

We walked through the woods and out into a new 11 acre field that we 
added to our farm last year....
with the hopes that some day, perhaps a couple of our kids
might want to settle there.  
For now, though, it is a corn field.

One edge of this land is bordered by a creek.

It was that creek that the dogs and I headed for.

This quiet country stream is one of my favorite places.

Besides being picturesque, it is peacefull....
silent, but for the sound of water trickling over rocks.

A layer of snow all around adds to the quietude.

Maddie and I sat on the edge of the stream and took in the sights.

Maddie is a Newfoundland and loves the snow.
In the winter she spends most of her time outside...
her thick, black double coat impervious to the weather.

A little farther downstream there is a steep rock wall 
that borders one side.  
Water had flowed down over these rocks and frozen there,
making a frozen water fall...

In the summertime, we often don our rubber boots and
wade downstream, exploring all of the nooks and crannies of
this beautiful little stream...
another favorite canine activity.

For this walk with the dogs, however, I decided to stay off
the ice...not sure if it would hold all of us.

I am so glad that I have the dogs to keep me company.
They are always up for any adventure that I plan,
and go along willingly.

As for the cats....
well, that is just another subject.
While the dogs and I are out hiking in the snow,
the cats are safe inside the barn,
beneath their heat lamps...
Queen Ella Bella, the sourpuss.
warm and cozy.
TomTom grooming Bobby.
Truth be told, their adventures take place at night.
Daytime is for sleep.


  1. I've been reading your blog for the last couple of months. I want to be you when I grow up. You're an inspiration, and I love showing my husband your posts and saying "See?! Having a farm may be hard work, but it's FUN!"

  2. Love the gorgeous pictures and the pampered cats.

  3. What a beautiful walk in the woods. I enjoy that activity with Emma and Lucy. Now we have too much snow. I have to invest in some snow shoes. That would be great exercise. Oh, by the way, I love your wood pile. I enjoy watching ours grow in the spring when we chop wood. Now it is dwindling a bit. Stay warm.

  4. What a "feel good" post..thanks for the introduction to that part of the farm...beautiful..glad you have such nice company...

  5. I always enjoy my visits here, and this was a lovely walk, thanks for inviting us along.

  6. Activities like yours, make me think I could live where there is snow. Dogs and quiet walks are made for each other.

  7. Bev, how beautiful this is. Your newfy is so gorgeous. Just love her. If your kids don’t build on you land-I am available for adoption :) LOL
    Those cats-they have their own ideas --and love the prowl the night :)

  8. What a sweet place you have and to have a creek too...well, that just takes the cake! Love it! I see why you work so hard there...so you can enjoy that beautiful place in serene moments like that one!

  9. The stream and surrounding woods are beautiful.

  10. You live in a beautiful place. Maddie looks so darn cuddly! I don't think barn cats have ever had it so good! As I have said before, you are living the life I once thought I would. I love seeing your world through your eyes and the love and care you give to your animals.

    ~ Tracy

  11. Thanks for your sweet comments. When I come in from chores, pour myself a cup of tea and read my comments, it is as if I have good friend here with me for tea. So glad you enjoy coming along with me as I tend to the daily routine!!

  12. Thank you for taking me along on your walk. I'm also available for adoption! I could even live in the barn with the pampered cats. Love my Sadie!!!

  13. It might seem strange to some but the wood pile streached out long down the path is pretty to me. All of your furry creatures are wonderful. You know I love seeing Maddie. I have a fish pond at the porch. It is now froze over but in the summer I love to sit by it & listen to the sound of the water. It is relaxing. This was a beautiful walk on your farm. Blessings!

  14. I love the photo of Maddie with snow on her paws! Beautiful winter shot. That should be framed.


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