Monday, December 13, 2010

Bow Wow Bowl and other News

It's Christmas time again
and time for the annual farm Christmas celebration.
On Christmas Day, family and friends will converge 
at the farm with fun, food, and merry-making.

Each year we try to keep old traditions alive,
while adding new and wacky activities.
This year's addition to our celebration will be the
"Bow Wow Bowl"

If you read my blog with any regularity,
then you know that we have a few new additions to our family
this year.... a grandson and a few canine additions.

Our Bow Wow Bowl is a contest amongst the family to guess the breeds
of two of our newest friends....Oakley

and Sam.

We are also including in our contest Becky's (Dr. Becky....Hubbs' sis)

These three mutts are just that...
pound puppy rescues...
breeds unknown.

So, we had them each genetically tested to determine breeds
and those results are in a sealed envelope waiting for 
the big Christmas Day Reveal.

Amongst ourselves we are having a pool...
with the person who guesses correctly
claiming the pot.

For you, dear readers,
I am holding another contest.
Leave me a comment with the breeds that you feel 
are the correct combinations for each of our
handsome fellows.

Whoever comes closest will win a surprise from the farm.
Your entry should include your guesses for each of the three
handsome fellows pictured above.
The winner will be decided on the Monday after Christmas.

Announcing a new addition to Blogland.
Our family "foodie", Amanda has started a blog.
You can read it HERE.....enjoy....she is quite creative!
Manny B. as I fondly call her is a newly graduated
Registered Dietician.
Besides being wildly entertaining, her blog is chock full of
useful info, recipes, and health tips.
Sign up to follow her....she's going great places and will take you
along for the ride!


  1. Here goes my guess, I'm not sure how technical you want me to be...
    Oakley is Black Lab mixed with some hound

    Sam is lab mixed with Vizla

    Monty is difficult. He/she is either lab or shepherd mixed with either Newfoundland or Irish Wolfhound. I can't tell how big he is so I could be off on that...maybe Aulstralian Shepherd? I'll be curious to see what he turns out to be!

  2. Ok, so here is what I think,,,,
    Oakly: black lab & pitbull
    Sam:golden lab,golden retreiver & shepard.
    TomTom: mischief & cuddles....
    Monty: retriver,spanial & aussi shepard.
    but all are part sugar, part mischief & partspoiled,,,as they should be.
    hugz to your 'pound puppies' and to you all.

  3. Whatever they are, they are adorable! I think Oakley is part black lab and part pit bull. I think Sam is part beagle and part German shepard and Monty is part collie and part golden retriever. I can't wait to see the real results. Marcy


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