Friday, December 3, 2010

Ahhh, Thursdays

I have something to confess to you.

I don't work on Thursdays...
at least no farm work.

Thursdays are my day off for the week.
One day to rest the hands and feet makes
me stronger for the other six days of farm chores.

I am lucky to have our friends and neighbors, 
Jim and Kathy to help with Thursday chores.

I feel like a queen on Thursdays.
I stay in bed just a little longer,
I have time to run errands,
or sew,
or get together with friends.

It's great!
(Thank you Hubbs for insisting on this.)

It is hard, though, to not at least visit the animals on Thursday.

So, yesterday afternoon I bundled up Hickory and took the
rest of the crew out for a walk.

We headed out to the barn....

Oakley, of course, making a perimeter check through the woods.

We had a brief chat with the roos...
they are enjoying life in the front yard of the farm house.

(They don't even know that there are 80 hens just a
short way down the lane...nor do they seem to care!)

We stopped to check on the Bigs.
(Sam, of course tried to engage them in a game of chase.)

Who were looking for treats.

Got apples?

Sorry guys, we just walked through the orchard,
and the remaining apples have rotted.

No treats this time.

I am amazed how quickly autumn has turned to winter.
The days are shorter and shorter.

The length of days has not seemed to affect egg production, however.
Now that moulting is finished, we are back up to a decent number 
of eggs per day.

Of course the favorite time of day for the hens, 
is when their gate is opened and they go out to free range.
They anxiously await...

and come pouring out as soon as the gate is opened,

some heading for the pasture,
some for the goat pens,
and some to the manure pile....
but all in search of tasty treats!

Thanks, Jim, for the days off....and time to leisurely 
enjoy the critters!


  1. What a grand idea! I'm glad you got to enjoy just visiting with the animals instead.

  2. You definitely earn your day off!! So glad that you are able to have it..Thanks Hubbs, Jim and Kathy for making it possible...Enjoy!!!
    Your Roosters are beautiful!!!

  3. It's funny how farmers need a day off, when all I can think about is getting my day ON the farm! I daydream about feeding the animals, cleaning the coop, tossing the compost and weeding the veggies while I sit at my desk, and I know that waking up to milk a cow or goat would be so much more fulfilling than spreadsheets and meetings.

    You are so, so lucky to have all that you have, and I feel lucky to share in your experiences.

  4. Thursdays are my days off as well. I don't usually sew on Thursdays, but it is a time to visit with someone very special.

  5. I bet you really appreciate the help. So nice to have at least one day off. I see that you miss your animals had to visit! That makes me smile!

  6. I love a day off in the middle of the week! Glad you get a much deserved day to yourself. OMG is that little grandbaby a cutie pie!! Love all the pictures of him on previous days' entries. Hope you are well and keeping warm on these frosty days and nights! How fast each season goes, huh?


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