Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mating Mayhem

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All peace was gone on the farm yesterday afternoon.
War broke out amongst the fainting goat bucks.
As my daughter Jenn described it...
"It's like a train wreck...and you just can't look away!"
Even Ava and Fagner were riveted to the action.

Our story began yesterday morning.
Becky and I were out doing chores and it became apparent that
our fainting goat "O'Malley" was in estrus.
She stood by the fence looking up towards the buck's pen...
crying, crying.

If you have been reading my blog,
you will know that "dating" season is over.
O'Malley had spent several days with Smoochie last month.

During that time, 
there was much activity and it was assumed that
Smoochie had bred O'Malley.

If pregnancy had resulted from that breeding,
O'Malley would not have been displaying this type of behavior.
So it was apparent that she was "ready".

We loaded O'Malley on the gator (on Becky's lap) and
drove her to the buck's pen.
We separated Smoochie from the rest and put
O'Malley and him back together.

Several attempts were made, 
however, each time it seemed that nothing had actually happened.
For some reason, Smoochie had a problem completing the mission.
"That kind of look will never attract the gals, Smooch!"
It seems that Smoochie may have lost his mojo.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity, we removed Smoochie,
and replaced him with Skip.
It was obvious that Skip was ready.
He had just applied that fragrance that drives the gals wild.

Within 2 minutes of being put together,
Skip and O'Malley had successfully consummated their relationship.
Atta boy, Skip!

O'Malley soon moved back with the other does and war broke out
amongst the bucks.

They spent the rest of the afternoon beating each other through the fence.

Head butting, blubbering, testosterone-induced craziness.

Until Chip and Skip (father and son) were battered and bloody.

See what you started O'Malley?

Let's hope mating season is finally over.
I just can't take all this aggression!
Thankfully Spring and new babies makes all this mayhem
worth it.


  1. I had no idea the goats hurt each other that badly. Hopefully they're done for the year...

  2. See, now all I can think of is Becky having a freshly stinky buck on her lap in the Gator. Poor Becky!

    I hope O'Malley is proud of herself for stirring up the quiet that had overtaken the farm.

  3. Becky actually had O'Malley (doe) on her lap. No way we would carry a stinky buck....or even be able to. These guys are really large....way to heavy and dangerous to handle like that. Dangerous only in that those horns are really long, and they are not always too careful with where they swing their heads.

  4. Awwww~ such is the quiet life on a farm!
    Ouch! I have a headache just looking at that!

  5. Those poor guys got the headaches instead of her! Glad that is over for the year, can't wait to see the rewards!

  6. I hope that mating season is all done. I look forward to see the new additions in the spring.


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