Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

Autumn has arrived...
and with it the eventual end to this year's vegetable garden.
I am always saddened when the garden is finished for the year,
but welcome the extra time that it's end affords me.

Last week's rain was a real boost to the remaining crops.
Late-summer-planted broccoli is soon ready to harvest.

 We are still picking tomatoes, peppers,


and herbs.
(Poor Minerva is looking a bit ragged...
she's anticipating a winter's stay at the spa...
returning refreshed and renewed again next spring!)
We are looking forward to soon harvesting sweet potatoes.

 To the right of Oakley, you can catch a glimpse of
my cucumber plants....
finally dried up.
I am not exaggerating when I say that
we had hundreds of cukes this summer!

What a surprise I had yesterday morning
 when I went to the barn!

There by the workbench was the salad table that I had been
wanting....built by Hubbs while I was in Kentucky.

This elevated cedar box on wheels will be filled
with organic soil, and transported up to the farmhouse.
Next summer I will grow my salad lettuces here.

The bottom has slats for drainage and several layers of screening
 will keep the soil from leaking out.
Wheels make moving the table out of the hot summer sun
an easier task.

What a wonderful hubby I have!!
What a surprise this was!

Oh, and since it has been a while since I have
shared a picture of my grandson Tyler with you.....
(taken with his Mama's phone...
she sent this to me while I was in Kentucky)
Goodness, what a cutie!
I am head over heels in baby love!


  1. Your garden looks so bEaUtIfUl!!! And I love the salad garden on wheels! I like to plant my lettuce in boxes, too, because it keeps it soooo much cleaner, keeps the snails off too!

    Have a lovely day!

  2. You do have a wonderful hubs and an adorable grandson. Love the vegetable table on wheels.

  3. I missed you and even came looking for you! Ha! I love the SALAD BAR!!! Perfect, I used to use an old sink but hard to move around! Great job, he's a keeper!

  4. Ah mannnn,,, you are so lucky,,,when I go away for a few days and then return,,,the only thing waiting for me is dirty laundry, a full kitty litter box & hubs asking whats for dinner! lolol! just kidding....
    Luv your garden...who knows, one of these days I might whip mine into shape! lol! or just come visit yours!

  5. Wonderful job Hubbs!!!! You're a good man!

  6. Your garden looks so healthy and neat. Jealous! The salad table it great and you do have a great hubby :) Babby Beekeeper is precious!


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