Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sid's Debacle

Last evening as I sat down to prepare today's blog post,
I received a call from Becky.

( I must warn you that graphic photos will follow.
If you have a weak stomach,
turn back now!)

"I have tomorrow's blog post for you",
she said,
"Sid has torn off half of his nose...
I am getting ready to stitch him up."

Heart racing, I jumped into the gator and headed to Becky's barn.
Hubbs followed soon after.

There was Sid, in the aisle,
bleeding from his nose...
which was gaping open.

Apparently he stuck his nose somewhere it did not belong,
and when he went to pull his nose out,
he removed a large flap of skin.

Becky worked for quite some time,
stitching him back together...
not an easy task,
as he had torn right through his right nostril.

Hubbs held the light,
I held Sid still,
Becky stitched, and stitched and stitched.

When she was done,
his nose looked amazingly good.

Sprayed with a protectant....

I suggested she spray an "L" on his forehead for "loser".
She sprayed an "X"...
for extraordinarily stupid, I think.

Sid should heal up nicely.
The tissue was very bloody...a good sign.
Becky will keep a close eye on it over the next few days.

It is amazing, that Sid should do something so stupid.
Becky's barn is as safe as safe could be.
She is extraordinarily cautious about hazardous conditions.
But still, Sid found some place he shouldn't stick his nose.

I always say that for as big as these animals are,
they are amazingly fragile!

Whoever coined the phrase "healthy as a horse"
obviously didn't know horses.


  1. Oh my goodness! That poor baby :( I'll be thinking positive thoughts about his poor nose. I hope it heals without trouble.

  2. Lucky Sid, his owner is a Vet and she could take care of it right then and there. Poor guy, hope it heals nicely and without complications.

  3. Uh Wow. Poor guy, he really did tear off half his nose. Horses do amazingly stupid things when the over-reactive prey instinct kicks in-especially thoroughbreds. (But they are such wonderful athletes) I hope I never have to confront anything like that in my barn. The one time my draft got in a pickle he waited patiently for me to help him out of it and didn't freak out and hurt himself. Dr. Becky did an outstanding job, she's welcome to take care of my animals any day!

    Heather in PA

  4. Sid is lucky to have an owner who is a vet. That was some nasty wound. I hope that this is the last of Sid's stupid stunts.

  5. Oh Sid ... I so happy you have a Vet in the family, that was able t assist you right away. Wishing you a speedy and uncomplicated recovery!! xo HHL

  6. Wowzers!!! Did Sid ever do a icky job on his poor nose. I so happy that the end results is perfection! Boy is that Dr. Becky talented!!! Now Sid behave yourself, that's and order!

  7. Poor guy, thankfully you have a very good vet on hand. He will be as good as new with that excellent care.

  8. OUCH! Never a dull moment @ Bee Haven is there? Glad everything worked out okay with Sid.

  9. WOW!!! Once again your animals are soooo lucky to have a team like ya'll at hand to meet their needs..I hope all goes well for Sid...never a dull moment at the farm

  10. My goodness where the heck did Sid stick his nose to do that much damage? Becky did a wonderful job stitching his nose back together. He's such a beauty so I hope it heals ok.

  11. When I first got my horse, I was told, "Some horses can live in a junkyard and never get a scratch. Some horses can live in a padded stall and find a way to open themselves wide open."

    You don't have a blogroll, so I don't know if you look at 7MSN blog. She happens to have a great product listed for healing that Becky might want to take a look at.

    I'm glad Sid's going to be okay. Horses tend to tear right open when they wound themselves.

  12. Sorry, failed to give you the website.

  13. Ouch!! Poor Sid! Glad he'll be okay. Dr. Becky does awesome work!

  14. Oh my poor Sid, he will be fine! Your sister does amazing work. Good luck

  15. Poor Sid! He's a lucky boy to have such good care and attention, but maybe someone should tell him to keep his nose in his own business.

  16. My gelding tore his nostril, nothing as bad as Sid. Not being a vet I paid $135 for stitching and meds. Then when it started to heal (it must have itched like crazy) the little rascal rubbed it back open! It healed ok, just a scar there now.

  17. I'm so glad you found him in time to get him stitched up. Hope it heals ok.

  18. OUCH!!! But she did a great job putting him back together!

    Get well soon Sid!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  19. awww, poor Sid, so glad Becky was there with her "Triagh" unit...looks like your's & Jake's skills come in handy w/the farm critters...
    hugz to all and yes, you are right, no matter how safety minded we can be,,,our critters still manage to get themselves into trouble!
    Kid's, go fiqure!

  20. One time my boss had to have her nose reconstructed due to a deviated septum. A few years later she came to work with two black eyes from falling while "roller blading" and they had to stitch up her brow line. She fooled no one. I'm just saying, perhaps Sid felt he needed a bit of a freshening up? Seems drastic, but horses can be so terribly dramatic.


  21. Oh my gosh that breaks my heart!! I hope that he heals up good! I am just in love with'em!

  22. Bev, OUCH--poor Sid. That first pic is just horrific. I have to say, Dr. Becky is the bomb. She stiched him up beautifully. It's pretty amazing really. I so wish I had a Dr. Becky near my farm :(
    Feel better Sid!

  23. omg! I can't type to save my life....
    that would be "Triage" & "Jack".
    Glad we are friends & you over look my!

  24. Poor Sid. And unfortunately he probably has no clue what happened. Thank goodness that Becky is a Vet. Can you imagine what that vet bill would have been? She does great work. He looks good as new.


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