Monday, September 20, 2010

The Wyandotte Sisters

Oh I have been so remiss lately....
so consumed with concern for our dear Eileen,

that I have forgotten to tell you about her sister!

And believe me, her sister, Tammy, is just a bit annoyed with me!
(This, dear readers, is how a chicken
looks when she is annoyed!)

You see, a few decades ago, there was this sister act...
The Wyandotte Sisters (Eileen and Tammy)....
made famous after countless appearances on
The Ed Sullivan Show.

Boy, could those gals sing....
perfect harmony,
with voices of angels...
sweet Gospel melodies of yesteryear.

And then one day Tammy was bit by the Country Music bug.

Well, she up and left the sister act and headed out on her own.
leaving Eileen alone and devastated!


Tammy Wyandotte

You might remember a few of her hits.

Perhaps most famous was...
"Stand By Your Roo",
and of course
"Run, Hen, Run"
and also
"Brooding Story"

A movie was made about Tammy's life...
The Coal Miner's Pullet
starring Sissy Silkie.

During this time, Eileen gave up 
the public life and spent the next several decades
singing in the Gritty Hollow Baptist Church choir.

Eventually, Tammy's career took a turn for the worse.
(perhaps it was the reported addiction to painkillers)
Regardless, she spent a little time in the Betty Ford Center
before heading to Bee Haven Acres
to spend her retirement 
and reunite with her sister... 


Yes, fans, our Eileen is none other than 

Eileen Wyandotte.

I'll bet you thought she looked familiar!!

Well, if you follow this blog,
you will know that Eileen has had her
share of woes lately...
the latest being a rip-roaring case of bumblefoot.
(You can read about it HERE .)

Happily, though, after last week's surgery
and countless dressing changes,
Eileen's foot is on the mend.
She bears weight on it about half the time now.
The hole left by the surgery is healing quickly.
We are still saying our prayers...
but it looks like Eileen should make a full recovery!

Hopefully we can get these gals back in front
of a microphone at one of our eventual
Blueberry Festivals.

PS:  Tammy is a Silver Laced Wyandotte chicken
Eileen is a Gold Laced Wyandotte chicken


  1. Hahaha, you are a riot. I love your posts. :)

    Your ladies are adorable. :)

  2. What sweet ladies you have the honor of caring for.. I loved your post and what a wonderful blog.

    I'm visiting via Ms. Bake It (Tracy) and am so happy to have discovered your corner of blogLand!!

    Your grandson is adorable .. and the yorkie with the peaniut butter jar.. priceless... (we have a 1 1/5 yera old yorkie named Dolce and he is quite entertaining..too)

    I'm your newest follower!!!


  3. I have been in the care of several of those girls' aging cousins! All have passed but one ~ her name is Grumpy! And she is!!!
    Constantly wearing a look on her face similar to your Tammy but with furrowed brows! haha
    You have such a great looking flock of hens!

    I have an older Barred Rock (her name is Smiley)that I believe has Bumblefoot in both feet. I am considering doing a bit of surgery myself. (No money for a farm call from the vet for a chicken!) Do you think this is something I could attempt with satisfactory results? Or will she be in for a name change post surgery?

  4. good story..chickens always look annoyed!!!

  5. OMG! you crack me up.....count me in for the Blueberry festivle,,,I want a front row perch when the 'sisters' perform! lol!
    Glas to hear Eileen is doing better....

  6. As usual, your story made me smile.I love reading your blog and look forward daily to new postings. Love the girls!

  7. Oh Bev, they are pretty amazing sisters. I would really like to hear them sing "You Aint Hen Enough To Take My Roo" or "Cluck three times on the hen house if you want me" :)
    Amy at Verde Farm

  8. Too Funny, they each have there own personality, I don't think everyone understands that. Great pictures.
    Nancy Jo

  9. LOL!!! What a great post. Thanks for the very good laugh, Beverly. I hope Eileen is back up and runnin' in no time.


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