Thursday, September 23, 2010

The ROO Fraternity

Look out!
There's Roos on the loose 
at the farm.

Yes, those crazy 6 Ameraucana roosters are free ranging
to their hearts' delight.

Sunday was their first day of freedom.
I opened the door to their little ramp,

and out they came, 
one by one....



ready to take their partying to a whole new level!

Out to roam mid morning til nightfall,
they can be found just about anywhere...

in the woods, in the orchard, along the driveway.

The first evening we had a bit of a scare, though.
At nightfall, when we stopped by the coop
to close up for the night,
we could only count 5 Roos in the coop.
Three on their roost,
and two stuffed together in a nesting box.

Oh no....not predators again!

But sure enough, then next morning....
6 rooster were present and accounted for.
ready to take on the world,
or at least the acre around their coop.

Apparently there had been three stuffed in one 
nesting box together.
Pity the poor guy in the back!


  1. that is a great chicken house :) I'm working up the nerve to have a few chickens but coop design is a Big Deal! how does that coop open for cleaning?

  2. I am always surprised by the darned chickens sitting on each other that way. How on earth do they breathe? One of my hens does it on purpose. I think she has some instinct about getting under another hen, since she was hatched in a hatchery.

    Your bachelors look mighty happy!

  3. Love their new digs, but I'm wondering how so many roos get along? Do they fight?

  4. Such handsome they're having a blast

  5. What will you do with the Roos in the springtime when they all start to fight each other? Chicken dinner? :~O
    Funny that they get into a nest instead of the roost! One of my guys wouldn't even fit into a nest!

  6. Sounds like they're having the time of their life - glad to hear it!

  7. Your free ranging roos reminded me: I thought about opening my coop up today and letting my chickens out to gobble up the stink bug invasion around here. But after online research I found that chickens won't eat stinkbugs. Bummer! I am south of you in Southern PA. Are you experiencing a problem with them? Hope not as they are quite a nuisance!
    Heather in PA


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