Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Little Surprise

We are doing a little waddle dance
here at the farm.

The ducks are excited
and so are we!!!

Last night while changing the water in the duck hut,
my daughter

Three grey duck eggs!
Our first.

Raising this flock of ducks has been such a pleasure.
We still have the whole flock of 18...
no casualties!

Have you ever eaten a duck egg?

They taste just slightly stronger than chicken eggs,
with a slightly larger, orange yolk
that stands up nice and tall when cracked in the pan.

Duck eggs are slightly higher in fat and cholesterol.

They have more albumen in the whites than chicken eggs,
(albumen is the protein in the whites)
and this causes them to cook up higher,
making duck eggs superior for baking.

When not using them for baking,
we will most likely hard boil these eggs
and use them for our "girls'" breakfast.
(the girls are our dogs!)


  1. Interesting. Never thought about how to use ducks eggs. I guess you can't taste the difference in a chicken egg and duck egg when it is in a baked good. Isn't it wonderful to live on a farm and a be able to live off what you raise. Oh the the simple things in life that I love and need.

    Have a blessed day,

  2. Congratulations!
    I've heard your description about duck eggs before. I love my fresh chicken eggs, but don't like anything too 'eggy'. Does that make sense?
    I'd have to use them for baking all the time.

  3. Wow, that is way cool! I bet the girls are thrilled.

  4. I would so love to raise a duck or two. I've had my eye on Indian Runner ducks since I saw them at the fair two years back. Apparently they lay over 300 eggs a year. That's a lot of baking!!

    When Aimee and I were in Ireland last Christmas (Ireland is home for her), we visited a farmers market and saw buttered eggs, both chicken and duck. We didn't try them, but her mother said they were very nice compared to plain eggs. I guess they soak the raw eggs in butter to infuse them with the flavor. Have you ever tried that?

  5. Used to have ducks and turkeys along with my chickens. The eggs of both are *eggscellant* for baking! ;~P

  6. Sure ..let the dogs have all the fat and Cholesterol ;)....would those eggs hatch in to baby ducks?? Need more ducks?? Do they lay everyday like chickens?? I'm thinking not....I guess baby ducks would have to be cooped until they were big enough to survive..guess the turtles would get them..I'm sure doing a lot of guesssing...anyhoo..congrats!!

  7. I've never seen the grey ones but we do have duck eggs. They are nice for baking but I've never boiled them for my doggies. They will get a treat this weekend when I get home :)
    Amy at Verde Farm


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