Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In Four Short Months.....

We have gone from this....

to this....

Of the four bourbon red turkey poults that I brought home
at the end of April,
three remain and are thriving nicely.
(One died in infancy.)

As just hatched babies, they were very curious
and extremely friendly.
They remain that way today....
always coming right up to me whenever I enter their yard.

They are docile and very sweet.
And of course they will never be dinner.

It's funny though, when we decided to raise turkeys,
we did it with the notion that we would eventually eat them.

I had my doubts from the beginning....knowing that anything that
we named would never be eaten.
Hubbs thought we should name them Thanksgiving,
Christmas and Easter.

Even Hubbs has agreed.  
There will be no homegrown turkey on our table...
at least none from our own small flock.
So we will continue to enjoy their presence...
their gobbling,
their posturing (showing off their male plumage),
and their fearless curiosity.

Hopefully by next summer
we will be able to allow them to free range around the farm.
But for now they will stay safe within the confines
of their fenced in (and covered) yard and house.

Oh, and by the way,
their names are Tom, Chuck,
and Edith.

PS:  Look what I found when I lifted a bag of bedding in the hen house...

Ok, let's look a little closer....
two newborn mice!!
Hairless and blind.....

Now, where are those barn kitties?????
(Don't worried, I covered the babies back up and sound!)


  1. and what did you name them????

  2. Glad that you and your hubbs are letting the turkeys remain as members of your family.

  3. Nope, not me, I couldn't eat them! They got names and once that happens they are pets for life. Love all your animal stories. You make me feel like I am a part of the farm. So see now you can't eat "my" turkeys. I hope you are having a great day!

  4. So glad they will become a part of the family - now that's a happy ending :-)!!

  5. Keep those cute turkeys safe as can be. They are adorable ... really.

  6. HI Bev! LOVE your blog; I will definitely be following it now that Becky gave me your website address. It was a blast meeting you in KY; feel like I have a new good friend in you! We're going to come visit soon, so be prepared! :)


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