Friday, September 17, 2010

Gourd Harvest

Can you believe...
from four gourd plants I got

and these!....

And they are all large gourds!
There are still smaller ones
left on the vine...
continuing to mature.

Now, what to do with all these gourds?
Any good suggestions?

Today's cute picture....

To market, to market to buy a... 

...lazy barn cat.

Bobby, you should be out hunting mice!
That face says "Quit bothering me!"


  1. Lucky you! I tried growing loofahs again this year and it was a total failure. I wish we had a larger garden so I could try and grow a lot more things. As it is, I have to be kind of picky about what we grew... Your cat in your shopping basket is cute. I have a similar basket that my sister brought back from Germany for me. I absolutely love it!

  2. Wow, that is a very nice bunch of gourds. Bird houses? At least some of them. I made a lot of bird houses the year before last out of gourds and every single one of them became homes for the wrens. I love wrens, but I had no idea that all of the gourds would be moved in to. It was a very loud summer. Those little darlin's have quite the set of lungs. lol

    Hope you have a lovely autumn day,

  3. Birdhouses would be my suggestion, too! Down here on the Mississippi Coast, gourd houses attract lots of purple martins, which are not only beautiful, but eat TONS of mosquitos!

  4. Bird Houses!! They love gourds...Go on Meadowbrook gourds web site, they'll give you lots of ideas altho you probably want to do something practical and useful with them :)

  5. Beautiful, I even love them all green, so many shades. Can't wait to see them ripe. Yep, bird houses would be perfect and easy. I always bought a bunch to decorate the house too.
    It is truly fall here today, rainy and dark. Bummer. A thrifing I must go....

  6. Bobby is so cute! Perhaps he just wants to make sure you don't forget to buy his kitty cookies!
    I love the market basket! I have one that my daughter got me for Christmas one year. Everyone wants one who sees it! She bought them from the catalog Garnet Hill.(They also have a web site) Where did you get yours?

  7. Like everyone else, I think of birdhouses and tabletop vignettes. Love the picture of Bobby peeking out from the basket!

    Have a great weekend.

    ~ Tracy

  8. Oh, I forgot to tell you in my comment above, that if you have a few moments on Monday, stop by for a visit.

    ~ Tracy

  9. Beautiful gourds Bee Maven. You can make birdhouses and what beautiful fall displays you will have with these.

  10. How cool! all those gourds...
    I didn't get any this year,,,all my vining plants either coraked or were steril or just plain didn't want to do anything!

    I think Bobby is trying to tell you...he needs!

  11. Hi Bobbie. Loving your life, aren't ya? Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5


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