Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pruritic Poetry

There are many ways to scratch an itch...
if you are a goat!

No matter what the season,
it's due to that fur coat!

You can ask a friend for help....

Or you can scratch behind their back....

You can use your horns....

Your teeth....

Your hoof....

If you have the knack!

You can do it openly...

or maybe on the sly....

You can scratch on anything...

You only have to try!

And that, Dear Reader, is how our Mom entertains herself
on a warm summer afternoon!
(Or maybe she's just read too much Dr. Seuss!)

 With Slobbery Kisses.....Hickory and Maddie


  1. Well Mom's needs some down time every once in awhile. Enjoy your day.

  2. These must be young goats...heaven only knows the older you get the harder it is to contort your body to scratch that itch!

  3. LOL!!! Those were great photos. Apple Pie Girl, I think you may be right. They must be young goats.

    I can relate to how they must feel. I had an allergic reaction while on antibiotics and I would have gladly used a fence, a pole, anything, to scratch those itches!

  4. I would like to exchange links with your site beehavenacres.blogspot.com
    Is this possible?


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