Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It Gets Even Better!

If you did not read yesterday's posting,
make sure you skip this and read yesterday's first.
For those of you who were curious,
I left that hornworm right where I found him.
I could not risk damaging any of those beneficial wasp cocoons.
And from what I can tell, that hornworm's days are numbered!

Yesterday, while watering tomato plants,
I again checked on that ugly old tobacco hornworm.

I found him, still hanging on to the same tomato plant
still playing host to dozens of wasp cocoons.

This time I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of those 
wasps emerging from their cocoons.

With their mandibles, they cut a circular line 
around the top of their cocoon amd poke their little head through.

They then lift the lid and crawl out, ready to take off in flight.
These wasps are so tiny.... the size of a gnat.

Good luck little wasps....
now go and eat some more hornworms, please!

Now how about that for being at the right place at the right time!
I am convinced that if we slow down our pace enough,
there are lots of surprises like this for us to see 
in this amazing world of ours.
I encourage you.... Stop and smell the roses (or tomatoes)
and you might find a surprise of your own!


  1. I can't believe you were lucky enough to get pictures of the wasps emerging. Great shots! Now hopefully they'll eat all the hornworms that are in your garden.

  2. Now, how cool is that? Awesome.

  3. What an encouraging blog today! Yes, we need to stop and smell the roses (or tomatoes)! In this fast paced society with all the technological gadgets to play with, we are passing by all the awesome (and free) things that God has created for us to enjoy. Thanks Bev. What amazing photography!

  4. What amazing photos! We haven't had any trouble with these buys, but I am battling blossom end rot in my tomatoes. Any advice on how to stop this?

  5. utterly amazing! Thanks for the pictures... Amazing the creatures God has given us huh?
    Blessings for your day...
    Keep on discovering..cool

  6. amazing!!! you were in the right place a t the right time....great pics..what kind of wasps are they??? Are there different types??

  7. These are stunning photos. Excellent work. Fascinating to see the natural cycle at work.

  8. Again, Wow!! These pictures look like they're straight out of a garden pest handbook. And you're so right, just slowing down a little reveals a whole world in your own backyard. I'm so glad you were paying attention for this one.

  9. Wow, Beverly, your past couple of posts have been remarkable... and a little icky. ;-) LOL

    I will make sure not to have popped a treat in my mouth before opening up your blog from now on. I've got a poor constitution when it comes to things like this. :-O

    That is really cool, though. I know it's good to eat the hornworms because they just destroy the living heck out of the garden, but I feel a little bad for the poor critter. Ah, but nature has her ways to keep the balance. From the looks of it, you shouldn't have too many problems with hornworms this summer.

    Hope you're doing well,

  10. Very interesting. Great photos Bev. I have never seen anything like this before. We have seen the hornworm, but not with the wasps.

  11. I find it miraculous that you were there at the right time like that! That's fantastic! Great pictures. I usually give the worms to the girls, unless they have those eggs on them. Sometimes I just let the worms go, even if they don't have the worms. They are beautiful moths. Live and let live, you know. They sure are creepy looking!

  12. Totally unbelievable! The photography is fantasic and the concept unbelievable! God is good! Wow, I am just blown away. Isn't that the most clever little door opening?


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