Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Anniversary

I am a bad wife.


Not according to my husband, though.
He says I am perfect.

Far from it, I say.

Case in point....
Phone conversation from yesterday:
Hubbs - " Hi Hon.  Hey, I was thinking,
 since our anniversary is in two days,
and I will be on call,
how about we go out for dinner tonight to celebrate."

Me- "What?  Our anniversary isn't for another month!"

Hubbs- "No, it's Friday, Hon."

Me- "#%(&^$!"
(OMG I forgot our anniversary!)

I cannot tell you why,
 but I never remember our anniversary.
And I have to tell you, 
my husband is the center of my universe.
I love being married to this man...
I just can never remember the day.
Maybe it's because we did not have a big planning....
just got married one day.
The wedding was not as important as the marriage.

Well, I had to make up for this faux pas.....
quick thinking....
I decided that instead of going out for dinner,
I would surprise Hubbs with dinner "out"...
out in the middle of our hundred acre wood.

Afterall, he loves my cooking best.
Not to mention there are few restaurants 
out here in the country.

I loaded up the gator with a table and chairs,
place settings, candles, wine....

made a special dinner for us and transported it
 right to that clearing in the woods.

Hubbs was surprised....
truly pleased.

We had a lovely dinner...
as nice as any restaurant
without having to drive
or spend a dime.

We finished our dinner with some herbal tea,
talked and laughed.

A truly wonderful memory was made...
one that I think will become an anniversary tradition.

And I'm out of the doghouse!


  1. Great recovery! A nice tradition to start. Thank heavens ya'll weren't married in January. Can you imagine sitting there in your parkas? Happy Anniversay

  2. Or April, in raincoats! Hubs bears a striking resemblance to Jack Nicholson, must be the glasses!
    Hmmm, my anniversary is in two weeks, thanks for the idea!
    Happy Anniversary!
    Heather in PA

  3. Happy Anniversary!! What a great way to surprise your hubs and get out of the doghouse all in one. Wishing you guys many more happy years together!

  4. Great job recovering from that one. My dh is bad with dates, so he has a calendar on his computer that reminds him of those special dates, and sends him notices of important events coming up. Dh has forgotten my birthday before, but that has been a long time ago (pre-calendar reminder days).

  5. What a wonderful thoughtful idea I am sure it was so much better than any old outing at a restaurant. Hope you have many more years together. Happy Day. We are working on our 50th.

  6. Awww, lucky guy that Hubs! I love what you said, "just got married one day, the wedding was not as important as the marriage." just love that. I wish I could communicate that to my future DIL. Love it. Congratulations and here's to many more!

  7. Hi Bev,
    Well wasn't that just the sweetest thing!!! I have to tell you, I can't remember ours either, I know its in May, but always forget the day. Richard on the other hand does remember. Whats up with that?
    So Happy Anniversary to you both, and so nice to see your post on my site.
    Nancy JO

  8. It looks to me, the reason you forget the 'date' is because everyday is an anniversary to you! Each day is a celebration. I am so happy for you and hubby! Congrats.

  9. Wow. Good back-up plan. Our anniversary is today. It snuck up on me, too. Must find card...

  10. I'll have to keep this idea in original! No wonder your husband thinks you're the perfect wife...

    The color pattern of your goat's coats is so unique I LOVE it!

    Had to laugh at the snaggle-toothed but hen you made her look very pretty again.

    As far as shoveling "you-know-what" I don't mind that chore either....but try telling someone you like the smell of dried horse poop and you will get some really weird looks! LOL

  11. Hmmmm...maybe I'll have you cater my anniversary dinner....well, maybe not, it's in January. Oh well, the thought was what counted. Anyway, what a fantabulous idea. That is by far better than any meal out at a restaurant. Great thinking!

  12. How romantic,Happy Anniversary!

  13. Oh that is SO awesome and very beautiful! Good-no-GREAT rebound!

  14. Happy, Happy Anniversary to a lovely couple...
    Hey Bev, can I borrow your "Woods" to surprize my Gary on our anniversary? as you know,,all I have is flat!
    hugz to you both.

  15. What a great anniversary surprise for your Hubby!


  16. ???Bad wife???'re not bad at anything..Happy Anniversary!!..Hubbs has it made and I'm sure he knows it...

  17. I just happened on to your blog while looking for information on my fainting goats....I so enjoyed your space, as I too have a range of animals (pets!!!) and I so know the enjoyment of country living, I laughed alot with your daily living. Guineas are unbeliveable!!! I don't know about yours, but mine, more or less converse with me.....I have a habit of going outside and calling them, and they soon answer me, not always where they are supposed to be, but they answer me so as I can go get them if they happen to be in the wrong place....the other nite a friend stopped by and we were in the back yard talking, my guineas, who were in the front yard, abruptedly flew to the top of the roof, lined up and very loudly announced their wereabouts!!


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