Saturday, August 14, 2010

After the Rains

The rain finally stopped yesterday morning.
But not before dumping a tremendous amount of water.
The local streams and rivers are swollen.
The pond is the highest it has been this year.
After morning chores were finished,
 we packed up the kayaks and headed for the Juniata river.

Since Amanda had gone back to Philadelphia, 
and Jenn was home with baby Tyler,
it was just Hubbs and I and the boys.
(Andy and Ryan) 

 We did a seven mile trip....
(Mom and Andy)

Along the way, we saw lots of snowy egrets...
and blue herons

We paddled and floated and shot a few rapids...
nothing dangerous or extreme....
just a quiet trip with beautiful scenery.

The day was finished with dinner at a small local micro-brewery
for local fare and local beer and wine.

Baby Tyler was his usual self....

Our Staycation ends today with early morning golf for the guys,
a trip to our local county fair,
and a campfire supper.

It has been a wonderful week. 
Lots of memories have been made
here at Bee Haven Acres.

Join us next week
for more fun on the farm 
as life goes back to its usual pace.


  1. Oh my! I want to vacation at your house! Everything seems so peaceful. It has been about 20years since I have been canoeing on the river.

    I love how the farm chores and the fun go hand in hand!


  2. What a fun day! We never went kayaking, but we have gone canoeing in the past. It was always a lot of fun, but once the girls came along we kind of stopped, thinking they were to little. Now that they are older, we might give it a try again. We finally had rain here yesterday and there is a chance of rain every day next week. One can hope, because we really need it.
    Have a great weekend,


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