Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Lazy Morning

Outdoor work has halted....except for the essentials,

due to extreme heat.

Yesterday morning I took a little time before the temperature climbed
to unbearable to take some photos around the farm.

I always have the best intentions of setting out with my good camera,
and usually am so busy with work that I forget the camera.
I always carry my little point and shoot, 
but for those really great pictures, 
I need a little better technology.

Yesterday I took the time to do just that.
My first stop was the garden, 
where I sat on a raised box next to these Nasturtium,

with Ella Bella at my feet.

The garden was full of activity.
Lots of little white butterflies were busily pollinating my lavender.

And this swallowtail was flitting from zinnia to zinnia.

I had hoped to see a humming bird, but none arrived.

So, I hiked out through the brown grass of the front pasture
to a grove of locust trees where the horses were grazing.

I sat down beneath one of those trees, leaned back against its trunk
and waited.
Ollie spied me.

And immediately came running.

He just had to see what I was up to...

Curiosity soon got the better of the rest of them...


And Donnie Brasco...

all came sauntering over to check out my camera
and sniff my sandaled toes.

(Yes, I know, all of my horses are a bit chubby!)

Losing interest, they went back to grazing and playfully biting each other.

Visitors to the farm often ask me why some of the horses' eyes are covered.
They are wearing fly masks.
The black flies are terrible this summer and get in their eyes and all over
their faces.
Each of my horses has his own fly mask (which by the way, they can see through)
however, a few of them choose to remove them after I put them on.
After countless tries, I give up and let them go without.
Every day I have to search all over the pasture for the fly masks that were shed
the previous day.

A half hour of sitting amongst the horses was about all I could stand in this heat.
I think each of them will get a cool shower this afternoon.

What do you want to bet they all roll in the dust and dirt after their showers!
After all, a dirt bath helps to keep the flies off!


  1. I hope your staying cool. We have had a hot and humid spell here in Wisconsin as well. But with LOTS of rain. Sorry for your brown grass...(sad face)
    I love your photos. They are beautiful. Did you use a photo editing program to get the softness around the zinnia?
    Have a super day... Dawn

  2. I hope you guys get a cool down soon! Those pictures are amazing! The flower/moth...awesome! You have a very good eye!

  3. great Miss Scarlet behaving herself???

  4. What a wonderful post and such beautiful pictures, what kind of camera, is that your panasonic?Lumix? I got one and love it but thinking someday I want to step up, as I am enjoying it so much. Keep posting! Hey, check out my giveaway!

  5. Love the pictures of the flowers! So sorry about the extreme heat back East. We are having a few days of high temps but they say by Saturday it will be back down in the eighties. So far chickens are doing fine. Also thank you for the block hint. It worked great!

  6. You take wonderful photo -- I am still learning how to take really good night photos.. To bad for the horses that won't keep their mask on -- if I were a horse I would be grateful to not have flies bothering me or maybe they are like kids who won't keep their helmets on when they are riding their bike.. Wink..


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