Monday, July 12, 2010

Goin' Nuts

We feed and care for a lot of critters on the farm.

Most we have adopted, but some have adopted us.

I have come to realize lately that we spend more money at the feed store,
than we do at the grocery store
(partly due to the fact that we grow so much of our own food).

Feeding the birds is something that we do for our own pleasure.
We love to watch what our birdfeeders attract.

Here is the typical visitor these days....

Just before he jumps onto the feeder.....

Meanwhile 10 feet away....
lots of chattering as two rivals try to gain control of the feeder....

Things are getting a bit crazy, and
one poor guy bites the dust,
as the other holds on for dear life while the feeder spins out of control.

Oh, my do we love peanut butter...
notice he has his fingers and toes in it!

Even down at the pond the duck food isn't safe....

How can we resist such a cute little face!

Have you ever seen such well fed squirrels?
Oh well....back to the feed store!
I might have to get a job....just to feed the squirrels.

And while we are at the pond....
I thought I would share a couple more pictures of the locals with you.
We have plenty of these....

and these, too!

A closer look....
About nine years ago, our neighbors won two tiny goldfish at a carnival.
They tossed the pair into our pond.
Years later we had hundreds of all sizes.
Today we often see a couple that are about a foot long.
and one of the only critters on the farm that we don't have to feed!


  1. When we used to live in the suburbs we loved to have bird feeders to attract birds. Hubs made it his job to try to foil the squirrel's attempts to eat the birdseed. By the time we left the burbs the score was squirrels-1000/Hubs-0. Now that we live on several acres there is enough food for birds and squirrels. The squirrels rarely try to get in the feeders.

  2. Bev how could anyone resist not living at your home? Well fed and well loved. I'll be there next week. lol


  3. The squirrels around here pluck the few pears that I get on my pear tree each year. The birds will take one peck in our fruit and go on to the next fruit only to take one peck out of that piece of fruit.

  4. How fun is that, such wonderful pictures! With all the things going on, you must have a smile on your face all the time!

  5. Good thing those first goldfish were a male and female to populate your pond for you!
    Your farm is so is something only of my dreams! Your tame and wild animal friends are lucky to have such a nice place to call home!

  6. didn't know gold fish got that big...they multiply like rabbits..I too spend too much money feeding of them sent me to the pet store this AM with a list..$60 later!!! and that was only for one of them..they're worth it

  7. Glad to hear your squirrels are not tearing your feeders to shreds!

  8. You still have me wanting my own little farm too.I have deal with Squirrels before when we lived in a very wooded area and they can be at your door wanting more -- lol..


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