Thursday, July 15, 2010

Goat Rodeo

Yesterday was goat relocation day.
The bucks were moved from their summer pasture to their winter quarters.
They have spent many months in their summer pasture,
and the pasture needs a rest.
(Pasture rotation helps to decrease parasites.)

Relocation first involves capture....which can be the tricky part.

Then lead ropes are applied and the goats are led to their new pen...
quite a hike.

Our three boys are very smart.
They knew something was up as soon as Becky, Jack and I arrived 
at their pasture.
You see, at this time of day, it is usually only me that arrives to feed.

Upon our arrival, the three boys scattered.
Chip ran for the hills.

Skip fainted.
Smoochie hid in their house.

Hubbs bet he could out run Chip and catch him.
We bet him he couldn't.

He took off running and Chip fainted.
Hubbs threw the lead rope around his horns and nose.

I told him he cheated.
We never said anything about making the goats faint.
So, he didn't really out run him!

In no time we had all three on leads...ready to march.
Jack and Becky walked with them,
while I brought up the rear....
Oakley and I encouraging them to keep moving....
and me on the camera.

A little detour to the girls...

"Oh, Smoochie, we love you!"
was overheard as we passed by.

In a couple of months, the bucks will be in rut and 
then will spend a couple of weeks amongst the does...
mating season....
the beginning of next Spring's kids.

All in all, this move went off without a hitch.
So nice to have cooperative bucks.
It's so much easier to catch fainting goats...
as they end up on the ground with all four feet in the air.
Anyone can out run them, Hubbs!


  1. That's too funny - just chase them till they faint... I'm glad your goat moving day went off without a hitch and now the boys can enjoy their new pasture.
    Thank you for your get well wishes Bev, I really appreciate them. It's kinda hard for me to sit still, but I know I have to take it easy right now, so I'm really trying to be "good". Hopefully things will heal properly and I'll be able to do more in the not so distant future...
    Have a great day!

  2. YeeHaw, I enjoyed the goat roaping event!It's always fun to watch a rodeo or should I say just another day at Bee Haven, ha-ha! It's off to work I go, hi ho, hi ho!!! Thanks for my morning smile.

  3. Good roundup, hubby looks like a sucessful hunter! ;)
    Funny to be sitting in the park yesterday and you call Gracie! I should check in on you sometime, I just never thought about being able to do that! All these fancy new gadgets.....hehehehhe

  4. not much of a challenge to catch a fainting goat Hubs!!! Looks like everyone had fun though..hope they're happy in their new digs

  5. not much of a challenge to catch a fainting goat Hubs!!! Looks like everyone had fun though..hope they're happy in their new digs

  6. Oh Bev, I was laughing out loud reading your latest adventures on the farm. I can relate, because I used to have goats. And the pics... too funny. Love your sense of humor!

  7. It would be so much easier if they would just listen to logic. We have the opposite problem here. A grain bucket and look out for your toes.

  8. can goats be called pretty because your's are --love their colors - mostly the brown and white one. I am thinking I might get a goat or two for my farm -- but still waiting for my farm - wink!


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