Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Garden Plans

Last evening I spent some time in my garden....dreaming.

I took you with me.
Could you tell?
Ok, well, I didn't really take you along,
but I did take my camera so that you would feel like you were there.

The garden is sort of in a state of "pause" right now.

Although the cucumbers and squash continue to bear fruit each day,

the rest of the vegetables are either finished,
or waiting to ripen.
(tons of tomatoes....still green)

The boxes of zinnias are beautiful.
Ok, well, that picture doesn't do them justice.

Let's look a little bit closer.

Please notice, though, the hummingbird feeder hanging above the zinnias.

More on that later.

Much better.

I can hardly wait for these yummy watermelons to ripen...

And the gourds hanging on the fence will be used for Autumn decor.

Hubbs built next year's "Three Sisters" box.
Next summer it will be filled with corn, beans and squash.
Much work needs to be done to prepare the soil, though, before then.

The last little bit of unused space in my garden is this upper corner.
This has become my "dream" corner.
The arrival of my first grandchild gave me the idea to
place a little cottage playhouse in this corner to the right of the
Three Sisters.

This will provide a safe and contained place for little ones to play
while I work in the garden....
not to mention the fact that a little cottage will make 
the garden a magical place.

I can just see it with flowers planted out front,
and window boxes planted with more flowers.

I envision many happy hours spent in this garden in summers to come!

Now,  back to the hummingbird feeder.
I snapped this picture at dusk...
One last drink of sweet nectar just as the sun was setting.

Oh, and just outside the garden fence was TomTom and his entourage.
Crazy guineas!
TomTom looks just a little bit wary of these guys...
He knows by now that although they look bizarre,
they are really quite comical and completely benign.


  1. What a cute little play house, so you! And so much fun to decorate!! Now since you don't have anything else to do, I expect to see that by next Spring!!! lol

  2. Thanks for a tour of your garden. You photo of the hummingbird is just awesome. Gardening is alot of work but it pays off with good food, exercise, and tons of great photos opps.... Have a blessed day. Dawn

  3. I just came in from watering my garden and only have a half hour to get ready for work. But as you guessed it, I am touring your garden with pictures. I love the idea of the play house. Plan on many mud pies being served! Thanks for my morning inspiration!

  4. Like the garden and love the little cottage idea.

  5. looks like your guys like those feeders...the "cottage" is a great idea..How cute it will be


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