Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Everyone loves traditions.

You know, those things that we look forward to at specific times.

Dogs are no exception to that.

They, too, love traditions... rituals, if you will.

Each morning, our dogs are used to the same ritual.

"Viteyum time"  we call it.

It's barely light outside and the call comes from the kitchen.

" Hey Maddie, hey Sadie, Oakley, Hickory,
it's viteyum time.  Come get your viteyummy-yums!"

Yes.  I said "vit-e-yum."
That's dogspeak for vitamin.
Each morning and evening, our older gals
get their glucosamine and anti-inflammatory medication
in a dollop of peanut butter.  
In the morning they each get a hard boiled egg yolk for breakfast.
Yummy!  Traditions are great!

Then Oakley and I take off for morning chores.
Lately, however, Hickory has decided to accompany me.
Down the driveway towards the barn we head....
Hickory, in the seat next to me on the Gator.
Oakley, running free through the woods, chasing rabbits.
He meets me at the barn shortly after my arrival there.

Down the driveway and into the orchard we stop.
To pick up our next passenger....

Off to the barn to start chores....
Two good buddies to help me...

Meanwhile, Moonbeam is knocking on the stall door with his shod front hoof.
Translation - "I'm ready for my breakfast too!"

Rituals are a good part of life.
They give the animals something to look forward to,
each and every day.

Rituals help to strengthen the bond between man and animal.
It's one of the ways we tell them how much we love them.

And we do love them!


  1. I just fall in love with your blog every time I visit. Such beautiful photos and wonderful posts.

    Thank you,

  2. I loved this post! We were just talking this week about the rituals for our animals. In a herd/pack/flock, it's what keeps them safe and secure. For us and them, it's just an underlying feeling of being content.

  3. Traditions are what bond a family. And look at your wonderful family!!!

  4. What an adorable post...so cute...can't believe the cat and the dog both sit there together, so sweet. You put a smile on my face....cute pic of them getting their vitamin.

  5. Too cute..Tomtom and Hickory!! Hickory is looking pretty good..amazing what a little TLC can do..love the vitayum story!! Too much!!!

  6. After visiting new found relatives on a farm, I can see why you love the farm so much.

  7. this is such a lively place. i can't
    wait for another visit to see what
    your 'crew' is up to.

    i completely agree about rituals
    being a comforting part of life.
    if you don't have a schedule, how
    can you ever deviate? :)

  8. What darling pictures Bev! LOVE the one of them all in the kitchen!!!!

  9. Ah, life on the farm...lol!
    as for heat waves, feel free to send us some! here it is 2 days away from July and it looks & feels like November...my garden is not going to make it...all my seedlings are scrawny...uugghh! I should just throw in the towel or better yet tow my lil trailer over to you pasture and take up 'squatters rights' by your raised beds! lol!
    hugz & I miss you grammie!


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