Thursday, June 3, 2010


Just when it seems that life might settle down....
another curve ball comes screaming at you!

With our recent adoption of Oakley,
the wonderful Lab mix, who has turned out to be the perfect farm dog,
and then this weekend's adoption of Scarlet the pony,
I thought that things would quiet down for a bit.

Not so.

Yesterday brought the addition of....

(Hickory, seated, on left....Maddie, moving, on right)

Hickory is a 15 year old Norfolk terrier who was on her way to the pound.
Hubbs and I could not let that happen to such a sweet old gal like her.
So........we adopted her, of course.

Now, you might think we are crazy...
and maybe we are....
but I just could not see
an adorable, old, partially blind gal end up in the pound.
Most likely, since she is so very old, she would not be adoptable,
 and would either be


 or spend the end of her days in a cage.

Instead, she will finish her life in the midst of our family...
loved and well cared for...
for whatever time she has left on this earth.

I know, we are crazy!


  1. Hi Bev,
    Been there done that..and your right in adopting her.
    The look on Maddies face is priceless. Your a dog and HOW
    Weird how at times these things all seem to happen at once.
    Bless you for giving the pup a wonderful home for her last days.
    Bet she will look cute as all get out on the Gator seat touring the farm.


  2. That is so wonderful! I can't imagine putting my 15 year old doggie in the pound :( I'm sure she'll be so happy to live out her remaining time on your beautiful farm. She's so cute :)

  3. You are a kind person -- she will bring joy to your life -- even if it is just for a short time!

  4. That's sweet! And she looks like a very lovely, little pooch! :)

  5. woo hoo..good for you..was someone taking her to the pound or was she lost?

  6. Not crazy at all, caring and compassionate come time mind though. She's a lucky girl and reading this made my day!


  7. As a dog lover myself, I just had to leave a comment - the world would be a better place if more people were as compassionate and loving as you and your husband! I truly enjoy both your blogs and read them every morning! Please continue setting such a wonderful example in caring for the Earth and God's beautiful creatures! Thank you!

  8. What a very lucky little dog to have found you. She will add joy to your ever growing family. Thank you for your compassion and love of animals. Oh so sweet!!!

  9. You are not crazy, you just have a lot of love to are both so good at it!
    I would take her on cute. It is wonderful that she will have a loving home in her last days, none of that 'out to pasture' stuff for her!

  10. You are beautiful people. Crazy a little, :) but with big hearts.

  11. No, I think you are sweet. Who in the world would take a old dog like that to the pound, she deserves her life to be lived out with people. Even if it is for a short while.
    Every cat I own has some horror story linked to it and sometimes I think I have a animal mental hospital because of the trauma they have experienced. So I do understand.
    You are so kind.

  12. Hickory's previous mother got married and decided that she did not want to keep Hickory any more....and was going to take her to the pound. So, there you have more dog for us to care for...gladly.

    It was not in my plans....but then as John Lennon said...."Life is what happens when you're busy making plans."

  13. No,not crazy. You are a nurturer and know when you are needed. I have done the same and questioned it later and then I realize it was meant to be. We adopted Mr. Ed a year ago May at the age of 20. Deb

  14. No one who truley loves animals like you & hubbs does is not crazy!! Just kind and caring to all creatures, big & small.

  15. I just love crazy people who adopt rather than let life pass them by. We just had another drop off at our farm. She doesn't have a name but loves staying in the house. We thought she was a kitten, vet says that she is an adult but just tiny. Off to have her spayed tomorrow morning. Crazy huh!

  16. You are not crazy. You have a big and caring heart for animals, especially dogs and so do I. I would have done the same thing. The dog we had named Nicky was returned back to the Humane Society just 9 days after her previous adoption. I talked my dh into going to the Humane Society after our other two dogs passed away. I fell for Nicky right on the spot. Nicky had a separation problem and so she couldn't be left alone. When left by herself, she became destructive, and she did with us for a while, but she did feel at ease with us and got over her separation anxiety. She was a great and loving dog.

  17. hey Bev,
    your not crazy, you & Jack just have hearts as big as the Heavens!
    hugz to you both.
    If I ever needed rescueing, I hope you guys would come to my aid! lol! as I know you would.
    luv & miss ya.


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