Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Little Miss Bossy Pants Settles In

It has been a week since Scarlet joined our herd.
She has settled in nicely and seems to enjoy the daily routine.
Because she is still so young and dainty, she spends her time
with the Littles (much to Donnie Brasco's dismay).

Her nickname is "Little Miss Bossy Pants"
as she is always in control of every situation.

Luckily, Red and Ollie are happy to be bossed...
with the exception of breakfast time.
Little Miss Bossy Pants loves to steal everyone's food,
merrily chasing them off whenever they come near.

She has been a delight for me, though.
She is very curious and friendly...
not minding anything that I decide to do with her.
Guess that makes me the alpha pony.


  1. Actually, you are the boss mare!
    She is cute, I am sure your all gelding club is enjoying having a lady around!
    Heather in PA

  2. hahah! oh sure, I leave to go camping for 4 days only to come back and catch-up on the goings on at your place,,,to see that you & Jack are becoming the "Noah's Ark of PA." lololol!


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