Monday, June 7, 2010

Leaving The Nest

Sooner or later,
every youngster must leave the nest
and venture out into the world.

Sometimes it is a smooth transition.
And sometimes it is a bit harrowing.

Yesterday afternoon this little fellow
was trying out his wings for the first time.
He  left his nest up in the maple tree beside the barn,
and clumsily landed atop our rain barrels...
amidst dogs, cats, horses and ponies.
Ooooh, what a world this is!
And how scary to be out here all alone!
Meanwhile, his parents were quite upset,
causing quite a ruckus.

We locked the cats in the barn and shooed the dogs away.
But, several times later in the day we saw him
around the barn, trying his best to fly.
I have never seen a baby have so much trouble.
I think he might be a "special needs" robin.

Meanwhile, in the turkey pen,
my poults left their "nest" for the first time
and ventured out into their world.


Then, slowly....

One ventured out....

The next one followed....

And finally, they were all out....

exploring their enclosed yard and munching on grass...

It can be a scary world out there...
so it is always best to venture out with a friend or two!

PS:  I think we have at least one Tom turkey.  One of these little guys is much
larger than the others.  One is much smaller and one in between. Tom, one Tina, and one (androgynous) Terry.
Time will tell.


  1. Love the new little ones! My gma has a chicken sitting with 12 baby guineas that she had to hatch. Mother hen makes that low gutteral sound for her chicks to sit and be quiet but the guineas do not listen at all. I'm sure the hen thinks she has the most disrepectful chicks ever! If your a chicken raising guineas... its hard!

  2. What breed are your turkeys? I just love how teenaged animals look, all leg, gawky, and uncertain. I've wondered if it could be possible to raise a turkey (or two) in the city, but I've been told they need lots of freedom.

  3. Our turkeys are bourbon reds.

  4. Another great post my friend. Love the blow by blow pictures and descriptions. Everyone is growing up so fast and I hope that the little robin does learn to fly.

  5. Cute post. I had been watching a baby bird here as well, he just kept taking nose dives it was the funniest thing! They eventually get it right. :)


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