Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Garden Views

I am so happy I could just dance!

"Why?"  you ask.

Because gardening in my raised boxes is such a joy....

and the boxes are growing like gangbusters!
This box is loaded with sugar peas and a couple of cabbages in the front.

The sugar peas are just beginning to ripen.

Green beans, of various ages....

Celery, carrots and a couple of sweet potato plants....

Pepper plants (with a couple of marigolds for insect control)....

Lots and lots of broccoli....

Onions and more cabbage.....

Culinary herbs.....

Ready to harvest...

These are just a few of the garden boxes.
There are still others, in which are planted...
and watermelon.

Each and every box is relatively weed-free....
with a minimum of effort!

I am one happy gardener this year.

Future plans?

Why yes, I need to add one more large box 
that is only half as high as the rest.

In this I plan to plant the "Three Sisters" next summer.

The Three Sisters are a Native Indian lesson in environmental
cooperation where corn is planted with beans and squash.
The squash shades the ground, preventing weeds.
The green beans replace the nutrients that the corn
removes from the soil.
And the corn provides a climbing support for the beans.


JudiB said...

The garden looks amazing Your going to be very busy harvesting for the winter.Good for you...did you see the CNN report on insecticides in/on fruits and veggies. OMGoodness I knew it was high..but WOW!!
Your new pony I am sure is fitting in just fine. What a sweety. I keep saying no more horses and it seems to never not going there
Enjoy your strawberries..we are close to harvest here also.


Junebug said...

What a wonderful garden. I'm so jealous!! Mine is so rain soaked. Weather alert today with flooding. What is with this weather, it is June isn't it! Can I come pick peas? I'm so hungry for fresh peas out of the garden.

Anonymous said...

Oh Bev! You are very convincing that raised beds are the way to go! They are beautiful! They do look like it would be very easy to care for. Lovely!

Gail said...

Oh my, I am so jealous right now. I'm barely seeing an inch of veggie growth at this time. Beverly, your gardens are beautiful. This is my first year of raised beds. Wish me luck!

Anonymous said...


countrynmore said...

My son told me about growing the vegetables together. It is amazing how everything works so well together. Your garden looks so fantastic. Great job there.

Katmom said...

Gary say's I am suffering from "Gardening Envy" because of you! lol!
How soon can you adopt me?


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