Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Happily, the garden boxes are all planted now.

I hate to admit that it took three plantings for the tomatoes.

I lost them frost.
What is it that they say?
Haste makes waste?
Well, that would ring true here.

Next year I promise I will have learned my lesson....
Unfortunately, the hard way!

The last major garden chore was to clean out the garden shed.
Another admission here....
my garden shed had gotten to look as if a bomb had
gone off inside of it!

So, I emptied it out....
And then totally reorganized it.


Oh, now I have peace when I open the door.
And I don't have to things
come falling out on my head.
Now everything has its place.


  1. Bev, your garden looks very nice. I really like the boxes your Hubbs built for you. Sorry, you lost your first two batches of tomatoes. I've been guilty of planting things out too early as well, and then having to scramble and cover everything because we were expecting frost. Hey even if your shed is messy, at least you have one. All of our gardening tools are stored in the garage and I'm constantly rummaging through shelves trying to find them...

  2. It all looked like valuable "stuff" We all get to that point.
    Have to admit I have to do that in my storage area as well..thanks for the push to do it.
    I lost $200 worth of plant one year..and boy what a I wait til at least the 24th of May to plant..every area is different so I sure understand how you feel. Never mind the $$ it is the work..UGH!!

    Judi B.

  3. I think any other year, your tomatoes would have been safe...this has been a very weird spring!!!

  4. I hope if those items in the green thing (upper right) aren't sharp..they could fall on your head!!! :(

  5. It HAS been a weird spring for us as well!
    Seems like the timing that used to come easy is confused- or is it me???? I think the latter!!! :)

    We fenced our garden this year too- no more rabbitts pilfering in my garden!!!!

    What time will you be here to clean out my garden shed????? Somebodys got to do it!!!!:)

  6. Bev, please come clean my garden shed. It looks like a bomb went off in it!!! Hopefully soon I will be home on a weekend and can do the same thing; empty everything out. My mother alway told me not to plant before Mother's Day. But this spring is plain weird!!!!!!!!

  7. I too am guilty of the "I can't wait to get out in the garden & plant" cucumber seedlings got hammered last night & today from the hard rains, my poor tomatoes, are leaning like a drunk by a street light! As for my blueberries, well I did have lots of blooms, but now the ground is covered with rained off petals!
    But,,the strawberries are going like gang busters! so maybe, just maybe,,,I will get to 'harvest' something! lol!
    Oh & the shed,,,I don't even want to look in mine & it's only a 1/4 the size of yours!


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