Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Mayhem

I hope that all of you, wherever you may be, had a wonderful Mother's Day.
I would love to say that mine was uneventful...
a day of much deserved rest. luck would have it, that was not the case.

Yesterday's weather was quite severe.
We had high winds...
winds that whipped though my garden snapping off tomato
plants at the stem and wilting the pepper plants.

The wind knocked over a tree which hit our electrical transformer,
thus shutting off our power for about 18 hours.

This meant the power was also out in the duckling house.
Hubbs set up a portable generator to hook up their heat lamp;
and then got up in the middle of the night to make sure
it had enough fuel to last.
We ended up moving them to the duck house by the pond
early Sunday morning.
Their screened window had to be closed because of the cold wind.
But, inside their little hut was toasty warm....
This will be their permanent shelter.
When they are bigger, they will have access to the pond.
Then each night, they will return to this hut to sleep....
safe from the reach of predators.

Last night's predictions were for frost and freezing temperatures.
This necessitated taking some action in the garden to protect
the remaining warm weather vegetables.
We covered a number of the garden boxes with plastic 
and covered the taller plants with plastic pots...held down with rocks.
Hopefully, when I take stock this morning I will
have suffered no more losses.

Just when we thought we could relax, 
we looked over at the barn and realized that
the "Bigs" had escaped the dry lot.
The gate to the dry lot stood wide ponies in sight.

After setting off on a search, we eventually found them
 grazing on tall grass near the woods behind Becky's barn...
trying to hide behind her mulch pile.
I can just imagine them...galloping down the road...
the whole world ahead of them....infinite grass to eat.
They must have been gone for some time, because neither of them
was difficult to catch.

Here comes Hubbs with a very tired Donnie...
Bad ponies!

Whew... I am glad it's Monday and it's back to business as usual!

PS.  We celebrated Mother's Day on Friday and Saturday.  All of the kids were home.  A Saturday visit from my Mom added to the celebration.  Great food, lots of laughs, a wonderful Friday night bonfire made for the best Mother's Day ever.  We should have ended the weekend on Saturday night, however...and skipped Sunday!


  1. I'm so sorry you had such bad weather on Mother's day. Our temps were a little on the cooler side here (they call it blackberry winter), but otherwise it was a nice weekend. Hope all your covered veggies survived and you didn't loose any more plants.

  2. Oh my...wouldn't it be nice to just fast forward through some days of real life...

  3. Good Morning Bev...sure has been cold here also.
    The wind..oh boy!!! We ended up bringing our horses in they were fussing so badly the other evening.Good to hear yours did not venture to far away. So have you figured which one can open gates Years ago we had one that could open just about any gate..grrr!! Kept us
    Sorry to hear about your plant loss. Who would have thought this time of year.

    Judi B.

  4. Oh my, hope you survived the ordeal....what a hassle, so glad to hear the littles didn't get far. Those stinkers.

  5. Wow Bev., That was a rough day. I know that when the winds kick up here, they are fierce and destroy everything it its path. I am so sorry that you had a rough day with no electricity, ruined plants, etc. I hope that today is better for you.

  6. You are living an entertaining life! I'm glad everyone is safe and sound!

  7. comment made by the "Bigs"...

    "So dose this mulch pile make my butt look big?"

    lol! sorry Bev, I just couldn't resist...silly me! lol!


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