Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It Takes a Village

I always find it amazing that I can do just about anything
with the Bigs and do it by myself.  But when it comes to the
Littles....well that is another story.

Tasks like trimming hooves
and clipping require a small army.
It seems they always know when something unusual is
going to happen.  They respond by running as
far away as possible.
"Come on Ollie...let's make a break for it...
something's up.....
here she comes with the halter and lead rope!"

I decided it was time to clip Red this past weekend.
He just has not shed out his baby hair.
And with the impending hot weather,
he would be very uncomfortable.
So, with a bit of neighborly help....
(Jim and Kathy, our closest neighbors
and daughter Jenn)
I gave Red his summer hairdo.
Look how sleek Ollie looks with his haircut, too!

Hang, on Red....just a little more off the front



Until now, I though Red was a bit obese.  Getting clipped has
made him look almost svelte!
Oh, and just to let you know how tiny these fellows are....
Ollie stands a mere 29 inches at the withers.
I call him my "micro mini!"


  1. Your Littles are just the cutest little things. Ollies "do" in the first picture cracks me up...

  2. Oh aren't they cute!!! All ready for summer, now where did it go? Isn't it great for neighbors! I don't know what I would do without mine. I'm sure they are full of it with their new do!

  3. So...do you 'hire out' to give Himalyan kitties hair cuts? lol!
    Oh & your Blueberries look great. mine are still spindley...no thanx to our "wonderful" NOT! weather.
    miss ya mucho...hugz

  4. Oh, they look so cute and so smart! Good job!

  5. When the littles stand next to people you really can tell how "little" they are!


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