Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Feathered Friends

I thought that hanging a couple Boston ferns on the front porch was a good idea.
That is, until I took them down to water them.
It seems that Mrs. Robin thought that this one would make a lovely home.
It looks as though I will have to take the utmost care
when watering this fern.

Hubbs and I have become bird watchers since moving to the farm.

We have several feeding stations around the house 
and love to watch as varied visitors come and go.

We have tried to learn the birdsongs with the help of a CD.
This makes birdwatching more fun...
as we can tell what birds are around, without even seeing them.

We have noticed a new song, lately, in the trees near the vegetable garden.
Yesterday I got a glimpse of the singer.

The Baltimore orioles have returned.
I will be moving my Baltimore oriole feeder to the garden area.
These little fellows love orange halves and grape jelly...
 and my feeder holds both.


  1. We have a Robin's nest near our pool pump and had to be very careful as not to disturb Mama Robin. The babies have now left the nest, but while they were there we enjoyed checking in on them every now and then. Just this weekend we found a Cardinal's nest in our Clematis vine...

  2. I've tried to attract Balt. Orioles with orange halves...they just aren't around here, I guess..I used to have a hanging fern as well..always had a nest in it..usually song sparrows...we just had mocking bird and sparrow babies leave their nest Mothers day weekend....Timely

  3. Very nice, I love watching birds too. The oddity's I have observed, is a roadrunner walking across my front yard. They are so big. Then these giant pelican things in my trees watching my chickens. I still don't know what they were. So it is so much fun. I like the picture of your Baltimore oriole.

  4. I love watching my birds at the feeder, except they are pigs! I think I am fattening up all the neighborhood. I may have to cut back on filling up the feeders. I invite you to check out my blog this morning for I have a small surprise for you! Enjoy!

  5. luv it, luv it, luv it!!! adopt me...plz...
    I still have not started on my garden...the weather here has been ugly to say the least....but we did get our pasture grass seed down...and the lavender field weed wacked....but my lavender took a hit this Winter and I lost some plants thanx to the freeze & deer & gophers...uugghh!
    Have you planted any lavender yet?
    Let me know when to come & help w/the weeding...lol!

  6. I love orioles...I've heard the same about the grape jelly...it must work!!!lovely blog...great photos!!!

  7. Love the songs that the orioles sing. We had a couple nests last year. Some orioles have been hanging around the yard lately. Hope they decide to stay.

  8. Love the pictures of the nest and bird. We have an arborvitae bush along side our garage. A few years in a row, a bird would build a nest in the bush. It is dense, but not really that tall. Every time we tried to walk by the bush, we would have to duck out of the way. The mother bird would charge at us.


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