Thursday, April 29, 2010

Waiting for Friends

Poor, dear Methuselah....
paddles around on the pond
all by himself....
day after day.
He is entertained only by a pair of decoy ducks
and a random stranger who happens to visit...
ducks or herons.

In May, however, 12 new Cayuga ducklings are coming
When fully mature, they will look like this....
green ducks....although they look black outdoors.

We are also hoping to adopt this beautiful teenage swan
and his mate.
His name is Meadow.
You can read about him HERE.
For now he is living in suburbia...
recovering from a snapping turtle injury.
His owners are looking for a suitable pond.
They are also looking for a suitable girlfriend.

Meanwhile, we are keeping our fingers crossed.

We are hoping our pond will be just what they are looking for!


  1. Oh, he looks so sad. Hope he loves the green ducks...who wouldn't!

  2. Poor Methuselah! Hopefully he gets some friends soon. Friends are the best!

  3. no one or no duck should spend his days alone...maybe he won't want to share his pond!!!

  4. The green ducks look so beautiful. Methuselah won't be so lonely anymore.


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